East Meets West: Unique Music Concert will Promote Best of Local Talent in Dubai

East Meets West: Unique Music Concert will Promote Best of Local Talent in Dubai

The Musicians United concert has an exciting line-up of local performers
East Meets West: Unique Music Concert will Promote Best of Local Talent in Dubai

Music lovers in Dubai rejoice! Finally there is a platform for local artistes to showcase their talent, interact and associate with like-minded musically inclined souls in the process creating an organic underground movement. At least that’s the objective of Musicians United, one of the fastest growing local music platform that will open its 2015 season with a unique 'East meets West' concert featuring a host of musicians from across the UAE tomorrow (February 6, 2015) at The Music Room. The line-up is led by Emirati Adel Farooq who returns to stage after a gap of two years, award winning band 'Carl & The Reda Mafia', Bollywood rock band 'Dhruv' and 'Loose Cannons' and is supported by 'Discord'. 

Musicians United was started in 2014 by Vin Nair, frontman and founder of Universal-signed rock band Vin Sinners and content creation company 56 Blue Lights as an initiative to create an organic movement that could get indigenous talent together on one stage. "Having been in a band in the local music scene myself, I know and understand the challenges that musicians face in the UAE, it isn't easy pursuing a passion like this and it does cost money to rehearse, leave alone make original music; we've looked to flip some of the old rules at Musicians United by ensuring that all performers, no matter how popular or otherwise get paid for their performances. That's absolute basics,” said Vin Nair.

"The real value in musicians and fan experience comes when the musicians interact, learn from each other, work together and even look to collaborate with each other. That is how an underground movement develops organically and that's how it happens in other parts of the world." he added.

Stanley Joseph a renowned guitarist in the UAE said, "In 15 years of playing in the UAE, we've never gotten together with other musicians and a promoter to discuss our concert and share ideas and this happened a few days ago That's a huge difference. We're really excited about playing this event and working with the other bands." 

The event will be supported by a new band called 'Discord' that comprises of youngsters who have recently passed out of college here and they expect their legion of fans to be present too. 

Here is the list of performers at the show.

Adel Farooq: Emirati singer Adel Farooq returns to stage with songs from his two Urdu albums after a gap of two years performing for the first time with a new line up of musicians that include members of Vin Sinners - Johan Roy and Keith Roche. Adel's flair for stage performances and his vocal range have been a mainstay for years and have seen the singer garner a massive following in Pakistan and India as well. 

Carl & The Reda Mafia: This new band has been the find of 2014 and are now challengers with the worldwide competition - Hard Rock Rising organized by Hard Rock Cafe. Their take on blues, funk and classic tracks that give you a John Mayer, Johnny Cash, Elvis feel will leave you tapping your feet all along. Don't forget to spot the 'Rat' on stage.

Dhruv: This young Bollywood rock band has originated with members who have grown up in the UAE and hence have a tremendous following among Bollywood fans who also like rock music. Their fan following has grown tremendously in the recent months with a slew of videos and snippets from their performances. 

Loose Cannons: If you're looking for a musical experience on stage, this band would collectively outdo most. Stanley Joseph and Siddiq lead this band of great performers who will treat you to classic rock hits from the 80s and 90s. Watch out for Stan's guitar skills, among the best in the country. 

Discord: A band that comprises of recently graduated college students in the UAE that got together 2 weeks ago can be called nothing else but Discord. But their flair for the stage, their choice of music and performance quotient and massive following make this band the perfect choice for an opening act. 

INFO: Feb 6, 2015, The Music Room, tickets are available at the entrance priced at Dhs60. (Students over 21+ get Dhs10 off).