'Dus Ka Dum' empowering Sallu

'Dus Ka Dum' empowering Sallu

His TV show helping the actor's new found 'understanding' of people
'Dus Ka Dum' empowering Sallu

Bollywood hunk Salman Khan, who is now the host of the reality game show "Dus Ka Dum", feels that the show has helped him to understand people and he believes that the best books of knowledge are human beings.

"'Dus Ka Dum' has given me a platform to increase my understanding of people and appreciation of life," Salman wrote in his blog.

He finds it a little difficult to understand people but his senses help him in the process. He wrote: "Though these human books are a little difficult to read, the heart and eyes alone help to read them."

The contestants, who come on his game show, seem to be the reason behind the actor's new found 'understanding' of people.

"What has really surprised me is that my contestants do not hesitate in revealing their personal things in front of the camera," Salman said.

"Personal fears and dreams are on display with gay abandon," he added.

The actor thinks that the sets of his show have in a way become a place where people come and confess. "In certain respects our set becomes a confession room and I am enjoying the role of a confidante," he stated.

He explains how he is no saint and that personal feelings do come in during these so-called confessions.

He said: "If we extend this metaphor further, the confidante here is no saint and personal feelings are no crime."

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