Dulquer Salmaan - A Man Of Many Talents and Gifts
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Dulquer Salmaan - A Man Of Many Talents and Gifts

Dulquer Salmaan is a famous Malayalam film actor who has made it big in Malayalam Film Industry. Now is the time for him to make it big in Bollywood.

Dulquer Salmaan has managed to charm and woo many girls with his understated charisma and simplicity. It is ironic that Dulquer Salmaan who made his debut in the Hindi film industry with his film ‘Karwaan’ with Irrfan Khan is one of the biggest names of the Malayalam Film Industry. ‘The Zoya Factor’ has brought Dulquer Salmaan to even brighter limelight as he takes everyone by storm with his flawless Hindi (which is usually unlikely for a Malayalam film actor). Even Sonam Kapoor praised Dulquer Salmaan's command over the language.

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A Purdue School Graduate deviated from business to films

Dulquer Salmaan graduated in Business Management from Purdue University. Acting never came as an option because everyone around him was interested in business. After graduating, he worked in the IT sector in the US and Dubai. Although he was doing well in his career, he felt unfulfilled. It felt like he was living someone else’s life.

Some of his friends were passionate filmmakers who wanted to create a change through films. They would submit their films to the festivals. This made him find his calling

His parents were not pleased with his acting decision

Although Dulquer Salmaan comes from the first family of Malayalam Film Industry being the son of Malayalam superstar Mammooty, his father was not even remotely happy when he told him that he wanted to act. According to Dulquer, his father was worried that he might fail as he had never shown any signs of interest in acting before. Although Mammooty had seen forty years of success, he wanted his children to adopt a more ‘stable’ line of work. Also, no second-generation actor had done it big in the industry except for Prithviraj yet. Sons of famous fathers had only failed otherwise.

Script and performance comes first

What made Salmaan achieve success was establishing a distinct style of his own which was different from that of his father. His first film ‘Second Show’ was an unusual choice.  He played the role of a small town bit working for sand mafia.  He rose to success with ‘Ustad Hotel’ where he played the role of a chef.

The newage actors know that it is more important to become a part of a good script than do a film that entirely revolves around them. No wonder why he also chose to go for ‘The Zoya Factor’ which is an entirely woman-centric film. To him, the script and film come before his role. He has won awards like Filmfare Best Debute Male (2013) , Best Actor (2016) (2017) and many more.

Dulquer Salmaan also has a life beyond films too

Dulquer Salmaan has not lost complete touch with the business. He heads a dental business in Chennai. He is an ardent automobile fan and loves cars of all sorts. Dulquer Salmaan has owned a web portal for trading cars.

Dulquer Salmaan says that he understands his influence in society. Hence he makes it a point that none of his posts about extravagance instill any sense of deprivation among his followers.

He is actively involved in community work and is the director of a hospital in Bangalore

Dulquer is a loving husband and a doting dad

He got married just forty-four days before the release of his debut film to Chennai based architect Amal Sufiya on December 22nd, 2011.

Together they have a daughter Maryam who is Dulquer’s lifeline. In his words,

‘the brightest star in our universe. The love of my life. Happy birthday boobootums ! Two of our most glorious years ! There arnt enough words to describe you my jaan. They need to come up with new terms of endearment and love just for you ! ‘

He even prefers her name on his coffee.

Since Dulquer is mostly busy with work, he cannot spend enough time with the family. He often posts about his wife and daughter on his Instagram.

Dulquer is all support for Me Too Movement

His father Mammootty was behind the Women in Cinema Collective which provided a space for the women to raise their voice.  Dulquer Salmaan is  a strong supporter of Me Too Movement and feels that it is important for everyone to support women who come up against the harassment. According to Dulquer,

‘All power to women! Now we are politically correct because we know what is wrong.’

If looks could kill, Dulquer would have been a serial killer

Dulquer Salmaan was listed as the Seventh most desirable man (2014) in Chennai. He was ranked 45th among the Most desirable Men in 2014.

Dulquer can sing!

He has sung three songs so far: Johnny Mone  Johnny, Njan Poneanutta and Chundari Penne. The same songs were picturized on him. Needless to say, all the songs worked well.

The man of many talents Dulquer Salmaan who has already won the hearts of his Malayali film watchers is now all set to put Hindi cinemagoers in awe. Although ‘The Zoya Factor’ is his second Hindi film, the expectation level from this film is much higher. The trailer has already become popular among the audience and Spetember 20th,  2019 is the date to seal for all. Dulquer Salmaan has certainly a long way to go in Hindi films as much as Malayalam film industry. ‘The Zoya Factor’ is expected to be a turning point in his Hindi acting career.

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