Dubai Summer Surprises 2016: Modhesh World Stage Shows

Dubai Summer Surprises 2016: Modhesh World Stage Shows

Here is a list of all the key attractions at Modhesh World, Dubai World Trade Centre
Dubai Summer Surprises 2016: Modhesh World Stage Shows

Magical Garden

The magical garden show will be a fun educational performance with a variety of acts. The ideology of the show is a young boy enters a deep sleep and within his dream discovers the magical garden and all of its mystical creatures. The message through the show will be nature, life, growth and patience.

Modhesh Universe Adventures

Illustrating the importance of friendship, happiness and adventure, Modhesh explores a new universe, discovering some unfamiliar objects and meeting new friends along the way.

Under the Sea

Incorporating specialty acts with giant bubbles and magical sea life characters, Under the Sea will take you through a magical aquatic journey in the depths of the deep blue sea.

The Big Story

A captivating show based on a variety of iconic childhood novels, told through the opening pages of a giant book.

Magic Phil

Award winning Magic Phil is coming to Modhesh World this summer with his hilarious jokes and mesmerizing tricks. Ensuring the entire family is entertained, UAE’s leading magician is calling one and all to check out the tricks up his sleeve.

Interactive Children’s Show

This show will be delivered by the UAE’s leading children's entertainment. It is an extremely interactive show that will keep the children engaged.

Circus Workshop

Aura’s circus workshop will be a 20 minute show that is demonstrated by trained performers once a day on the main stage. This will bring a new dimension to the interactive shows, offering a fun workshop full of skills for children to learn and take away from their trip to Modhesh world.

Modhesh Character Show

An interactive non-verbally communicated show with the theme of happiness which is delivered by music, dancing with the UAE’s favorite character Modhesh.

Meet & Greet

Meet Modhesh on stage and capture memories with your very own photo experience.


Winner of ‘Spain’s got talent’ and all round character, Louis is sure to offer an unforgettable performance at Modhesh World this summer. With his highly skilled stage shows which he demonstrates with extreme heights.

3D Art

Illustrated by internationally recognized, Jose Quiceno. The 3D art installation will take place around the venue at three day intervals. Each art piece will be uniquely designed regarding the guidelines of Modhesh World. This is a great opportunity for guests to capture photos and hashtag Modhesh World on Instagram.

Speed Painting

Speed painting is very impressive to watch, an artist will demonstrate speed and skill creating a painting or piece of art that would usually take the average person days in minutes.


Award winning Russian troupe of technical talent is sure to wow the stage at Modhesh world this summer. Their show has been choreographed exclusively for this event, bringing a slice of the ever so popular street dance to our venue.

Human Slinky

Human Slinky, is a creative and unusual act of its kind that will be happening at Modhesh World. This is the first time Human Slinky will be performed in Dubai. The spiral colourful & comical high energy illusion will be a treat to watch out for kids as well as adults. The kids will love the visuals of the quadruped slinky as it rolls, sprawls, spills and dances across the stage, while adults struggle to figure out where exactly he is inside the costume.