Dubai Returns to Business: Here's How We Can Stay Safe as Establishments Reopen

Dubai Returns to Business: Here's How We Can Stay Safe as Establishments Reopen

Dubai is all set to reopen on May 27 from 6 am to 11 pm. Here's how we can stay safe

As per reports in various dailies and a tweet by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, Dubai is all set to reopen. Sheikh Hamdan tweeted last night,

"I chaired a meeting with Dubai's Supreme Committee of Crisis & Disaster Management, & we approved the resumption of economic activities from 6 am to 11 pm, starting May 27. This decision was reached following a comprehensive analysis of health and socio-economic factors of the situation."

Cinemas, gyms, wholesale retailers are all allowed to reopen their businesses from Tuesday. According to Gulf News, this is the full list of establishments that will be allowed to function henceforth.

Retail stores and wholesale outlets
Dubai airport will be open for people who want to enter the UAE and for transit.
Clinics including ENT to be available
Expansion of services to include surgeries that take less than two-and-a-half hours
Training institutes and training and treatment centres for children
Sports academies, indoor sports arenas and gyms
Cinemas, while following social distancing and disinfection rules
Recreational venues such as Dubai Ice Rink and Dubai Dolphinarium
Auctions held online

Sheikh Hamdan emphasized on how 'we are all responsible' and also stated that UAE is aware of the pressures of the various sectors. "We are aware of the pressures many sectors are facing because of the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic," he noted. "The UAE society has high levels of resilience to any crises and challenges. We have been following the severe impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on countries around the world. What makes us different is our ability to deal positively with changes and our agility. We have all the elements necessary to adapt to these challenging circumstances. I am confident that all members of society will come together to overcome this crisis as soon as possible."

There are some general guidelines which everyone has to follow. They include:

  • Social distancing: Keep a two-meter distance from others.
  • All passengers arriving in the country should spend 14 days in quarantine.
  • Wear masks all the time.
  • Children under 12 and people above 60 and people with chronic diseases are not allowed to enter shopping centres, cinemas, gyms and educational centres for children.

Here is how we can continue being safe as individuals, companies and outlets.

Sanitize and Disinfect:

Whether we are at home or outside, we should be aware that being clean and following hygienic practices is still very important. We need to remember that just because establishments are opening does not mean that we stop healthy habits such as washing hands and making sure that surfaces we touch are clean. Restaurants are now informing that they are have sanitized kitchens and there is contactless delivery. Similarly, retail outlets which have items that need to be tried also must be aware of hygiene issues.

Social Distancing

As mentioned above, a distance of 2 meters between people is necessary. That is why crowding and creating unnecessary hordes of people is not safe. Whether it is a food court or a hospital, keeping at a safe distance (while wearing masks) is essential.

Working from Home

If there are still opportunities and businesses that can function with work-from-home policies, such practices should continue.

Following Quarantine

In case of travelling or coming in contact with individuals who have been infected, a strict quarantine should be followed. This is not just for our own safety but for the safety of those around us.

Reaching out

Let's not forget that we must not ignore symptoms or dismiss any health concerns as inconsequential. Taking care of ourselves also means taking care of others around us. Sometimes the virus may also appear without very marked symptoms but if we have come in contact with someone who may be infected (download the Al Hosn app) or if we suspect that we are infected, the UAE has drive-in test options and various other testing facilities. You can also follow various awareness platforms for more information on this. 

We have to remember, as we adjust to a new normal, that staying safe even if we are not at home, is extremely important. We have to be responsible in keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe. And the best way to get our lives back to 'normal' until we get a Covid-19 vaccine is to make sure that we follow all safety procedures and remember that prevention is the best medicine as of now.

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