Dubai Metro 10 Years: Here’s How You Can Win a Dhs1000 Nol Card Today!

Dubai Metro 10 Years: Here’s How You Can Win a Dhs1000 Nol Card Today!

Dubai Metro is celebrating 10 years of operating with a wide variety of special deals and offers for its many daily riders.

Today officially marks ten years since the Dubai Metro opened its doors to the public! The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) website announced the landmark anniversary on its official website and revealed a whole slew of interesting details about the metro. One of the most exciting facts is that, since its opening, Dubai Metro has carried over 1.5 billion riders! Considering that it plays an extremely significant role in helping all locals and visitors find their way across the city, there are sure to be many more in the next ten years. To celebrate this milestone, RTA has also announced a bunch of exciting new deals and offers that Dubai residents can partake in to win prizes and so much more!

These deals and offers will be taking place starting today until the 30th of September, with a new potential reward depending on the date. Today, lucky winners will get the chance to win a Nol Card worth Dhs 1000! All you have to do is collect limited edition Pepsi cans and look underneath the can to potentially score the free smart card. But if you just want to take part in the festivities, RTA will be having an LED show on the Burj Khalifa and a light show on the Burj Al Arab tonight.

Other exclusive offers include a “Metro Babies” birthday party for all kids born on the 9th of September between the years 2009 and 2018, which will take place at the Dubai Ice Rink in Dubai Mall. For more details on other events that you can expect this month from Dubai Metro, check out the official website announcement.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum celebrated the Dubai Metro's 10 year anniversary with pride. The Dubai ruler took to his official Twitter account to post the above tweet, saying, "Dubai Metro was once a dream. I was 10 years old when I visited London in 1959 with my father who insisted to see a train's cockpit. 50 years later, Dubai Metro came true in 2009. Nothing is impossible if you can dream it."

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