Dubai Launches Innovation Attraction Programme

Dubai Launches Innovation Attraction Programme

Dubai SME has launched a new initiative to attract thousands of innovators and startups from around the globe, with focus on health, education, aerospace and various other sectors

Dubai SME has launched Innovation Attraction Programme (IAP) to attract thousands of innovators and startups from around the globe and accelerate Dubai’s transformation into a knowledge economy. The new programme, announced during Dubai SME’s StartUp Night, seeks to attract foreign startups and give an international platform to local startups. It will reach out to around 25,000 startups in other countries which are considering Dubai as a potential market for their innovative services. The programme will focus on various sectors, including health, education, transport and mobility, aerospace, energy efficiency, medical and information technology.

President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Emirates Airline and Chief Executive of Emirates Group, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum launched the new programme which has been developed on Smart Alliance platform in partnership with SME enablers and facilitators from 15 countries, such as Japan, Singapore and Germany. It aims to position Dubai as a global hub for disruptive technologies and solutions.

The Director-General of Dubai Economy, Sami Al Qamzi said the programme would help achieve the goals outlined in the Dubai SME 2021 Plan. He said, "Dubai already has a unique advantage as an entrepreneurial hub and our startups when empowered with the right resources can usher in innovative solutions and help accelerate our transition to a future-ready economy."

Speaking about the programme, CEO of Dubai SME, Baset Al Janahi said, "Our experience has convinced us that there is a clear need for innovation-focused collaborative linkages in our startup ecosystem. The Innovation Attraction Programme links local SMEs to a global ecosystem and addresses the challenges of establishing and growing in a new market."

He further said, "It is a two-way street - it lays down the path for our SMEs to go global while also guiding the most outstanding innovators worldwide to new markets through Dubai."

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By Ayesha Hoda
Ayesha Hoda is a senior communications professional and writer, currently based in Dubai, UAE.