Dubai Food Festival: Made In Dubai

Dubai Food Festival: Made In Dubai

Be a part of the local foodie club on February 27 - 28

Chicken grilled to juicy perfection, tabouleh that’s freshly cut and fragrant, kubz that’s come straight out of the oven and creamy hummus and garlic sauce. Brilliant in its simplicity, Arabic cuisine uses ingredients that blend form a wonderful fusion of flavours.

The Dubai Food Festival was created not only to take city dwellers on a culinary journey but also to showcase the growing range of Emirati talent. The festival also aims at promoting both the Emirati and non-Emirati chefs who invent ingenious dishes with old-fashioned and traditional ingredients.

The festival will close at Zabeel Park on 27 and 28 February by putting the spotlight on the Emirati cuisine. The last event of the festival, Made in Dubai, will showcase the local culture, cuisines and chefs and will give visitors a real taste of the Arabic food.

Do not miss this chance to truly savour the true Arabic flavour. But if fate has other plans and you can’t attend the event, fear not! Here is a list of restaurants that will show you the heart and soul of Arabic cuisine.

1. Zaroob: Their different kinds of hummus will leave you spoilt for choice.

2. Aroos Damascus: Grilled chicken and falafels are must haves.

3. Al Ammor: The meat fatayer will not fail to satisfy you.

4. Bait Al Mandi: The name says it all. Mandi all the way!

5. Special Ostadi Restaurant: Go crazy for the kebabs that are truly “special”.

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