Dubai Expo 2020: Indulge in Unique Culinary Experience At The World Expo

Dubai Expo 2020: Indulge in Unique Culinary Experience At The World Expo

Dubai Expo 2020, 300,000 meals covering 50-plus cuisines will be served in three thematic districts on a daily basis

Dubai Expo 2020 kicks off in exactly about a year. Exactly 173 days to celebrate human brilliance and achievement, collaborate and innovate. A perfect opportunity to connect with millions of people from different parts of the world, 192 countries precisely and experience ideas and thoughts, learn and innovate straight for six months e.g. from Oct 20th to April 10th. It's a general perception that food connects people and cultures, and what better way to enjoy the company of others than by sharing delicious dishes and fresh experiences together in the World's biggest Expo happening in the year 2020.

Gillian Hamburger, Senior Vice President, Programming at Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “With 50 million meals expected to be served during Expo 2020, both quality and sustainability are crucial to our aim of creating an exceptional – and delicious – World Expo, while also contributing to a more sustainable future for us all. Expo 2020 and Emirates Flight Catering share this strong commitment, and we look forward to exchanging knowledge and ideas.”

Dubai Expo 2020 Dining Outlets:

Discover 200-plus dining outlets across the Expo site, serving more than 50 global cuisines across an area equal in size to seven football pitches – encountering street food and gourmet wonders, old classics and new favourites, dishes from every corner of the planet and clever tech that’s set to shape the future of food. World-renowned chefs will also stop by throughout the 173 days of the Expo, so a live cook-off or demonstration could be on the table. Culinary tours are also available, taking foodies on a deep-dive gastronomic journey that spans cultures and continents.

Thoughtful food:

Expo 2020 has developed our Food Ethos, a set of values designed to push forward culinary ethics across the broader industry. All the contracted food and beverage outlets are asked to sign up to our Food Ethos, to promote sustainability and wellness. The gourmet cuisines are all made from

  • Local sourcing
  • Organic produce
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Vegan destinations
  • Dietary options
  • Affordable prices

Three Districts:

Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC) is set to launch a series of Food and Beverages(F&B) locations across the Expo site’s three Thematic Districts.

  • Its fine-dining restaurants will feature rotating menus and a monthly star chef from its extensive network
  • The Grains and Greens will offer gourmet sandwiches, bowl creations and sharing platters.
  • La Patisserie will provide sweet treats and coffee in an elegant atmosphere, and Deli2Go will serve simple and fresh bites that can be enjoyed on the move.

Startup Concepts And Local Entrepreneurs:

Emirati hospitality will be showcased, as will Dubai’s diverse and innovative food and beverage scene. Much-loved local restaurants and talented up-and-comers will be introduced to an international audience, while UAE-inspired cuisine and traditional dishes from the wider Arab world will be enjoyed in a food hall setting.

All in all, Dubai Expo 2020 will bring with itself culinary experiences for everyone not only the creative merging of flavours and cuisines, but the visitors will also get a taste of robotics, augmented reality and virtual reality when incorporated into our food preparations. Enjoy the Old classics, new favourites, street bites and gourmet delights across more than 200 food and beverage outlets.

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