Dubai Expo 2020 Emblem And The Inspiration Behind Its Formation

Dubai Expo 2020 Emblem And The Inspiration Behind Its Formation

Dubai Expo 2020 Emblem has a lot of curiosity around it and here is what it means

The highly anticipated Dubai Expo 2020 is just a year away. UAE is all geared up to host almost 25 million visitors from 192 countries across the six months extravaganza. Back in March 2016, a huge ceremony took place at the iconic Burj Khalifa where the logo designed for Dubai Expo 2020 was unveiled by His Highness Sheikh Muhammad, Ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the UAE. Sheikh Muhammad, while addressing a massive crowd unveiled a 4,000-year-old gold ring found at Sarouq Al Hadeed site in Al Marmum area, an archaeological site discovered by Sheikh Mohammed himself as the inspiration behind The Dubai Expo 2020 logo.

Reem Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation and director-general of the Bureau Dubai Expo 2020, said “from all the thousands of items found at the site” the artefact that resonated with Sheikh Mohammed “was not a mighty sword or a giant piece of earthenware, but a tiny gold ring”. Incredibly ancient, historically significant, culturally symbolic and astonishingly beautiful, this delicate circle is wonderful and conveys the message of our Expo-connecting minds, creating the futures.”

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The gold ring that was discovered by Sheikh Muhammad belongs to the iron age era, was found in the UAE desert that eventually became the inspiration behind the Expo Dubai 2020 emblem. Upon displaying the Expo Dubai 2020 logo, Sheikh Muhammad addressed the large gathering and said: “the logo represents our message to the world that our civilization has deep roots. We were and will always be a pot that gathers civilizations and a centre for innovation,” he said. “Over 4,000 years ago, the people who lived in this land had a deep creative spirit and today the people of this country are building the nation’s future for centuries to come.” This message that serves to remind people of the UAE’s ancient origins is particularly apt considering the large majority of people think the culture of the country is a new one.

The simple gold ring that was the inspiration behind Dubai Expo 2020 emblem, is just one of the 10,000 artefacts that have been found. It is still believed that over 95 percent of the area is still under dunes and waiting to be discovered. The gold ring displays a series of circles with loops encircling it, as a golden light shines in the middle. Undoubtedly, the Dubai Expo 2020 logo which itself features circles and loops swirling around it, not only brings an Arab mosaic feel to the design of the Logo but also brings the authentic Arab spirit to it.

The Expo Dubai is expected to kick-start in October 2020 and continue up until April 2021 and it is expected to attract 25 million visitors at the Dubai Trade Centre. According to Expo 2020’s website, The Expo will bring more money and jobs in the region. World Expo is a catalyst for economic, social and cultural and generates important legacies for the host city and nation.”

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