Dubai Based Wellness Organisation To Set up Well-being Tower!

Dubai Based Wellness Organisation To Set up Well-being Tower!

LC Well, an organisation founded by philanthropist Lal Chand will soon launch a residential tower that has wellness and mental health at its core. How? Find out!

He is calm, spiritual and determined. Philanthropist and industrialist Lal Chand may have built many businesses over the years – from real estate and software to restaurants and general trading. But now he is on a different path – of giving back to society. Lal Chand’s biggest dream is to build a society based on love, trust and wellbeing. At a time when stress levels are at an all-time high and people are increasingly turning towards wellness with concepts of mental health taking center-stage of the social discourse, Lal Chand has set up LC Well (, a world wellbeing organization, headquartered in London with operations in Dubai.

The organization has taken a big step in providing free yoga-meditation and counselling sessions to the public. All a person has to do is register on the website, avail of its membership and then receive all benefits including access to lectures, workshops, meets with psychologists, wellness videos and campaigns to name just a few – without paying a penny! Mr Chand feels the business, economic and technical revolution hasn’t really translated to a happy society. It is his quest to create a more equitable, peaceful and tolerant world where individuals think, not just of their own happiness but of those around them too, that resulted in this step. What differentiates LC Well from other wellness organizations is the fact that while most of the latter charge high fees and are essentially profit-making enterprises, this is entirely charitable in its approach and free for users.

The organization was set up a few months ago but there has been remarkable progress ever since. “the membership has grown in copious amounts and it’s a great feeling to offer people these free sessions with excellent teachers. There’s a dedicated amount of people attending the free yoga sessions every day and are benefiting from the counselling sessions too.,” says Lal Chand with a sense of satisfaction at his well-appointed office in Jumeirah lake Towers. Adjoining his office room, is the meditation and counseling area – a large spacious room offering spectacular views of the Dubai skyline – that brings a sense of peace the moment you step inside.

Beginning July, LC Well veers into e-merchandising as well. This is a project that aims to sell essential products of high quality at very affordable rates, targeting the masses. The merchandise includes a wide range – T-shirts with positive quotes, watches, bags, apparel and other accessories. The profits from the sales will be ploughed back into wellness activities.
There is another big project he is working on – a wellness tower. A residential tower in Silicon Oasis, the construction of which is likely to begin in July, the wellness tower is a dream project for Lal Chand. Giving details of the apartment blocks, he says the venture will be ready in about 15 months. Targeted especially at those who want to make wellness a part and parcel of their living, the building will be designed to be most environmentally friendly with solar panels and the like. There will be commercial units but enough importance will be given to health and mental wellbeing. Thus, a meditation and yoga centre will be a part of the structure. The idea is to create a township of sorts based on universal principles of brotherhood, peace and harmony. The best news: it’s already attracted some hotshot buyers including top Bollywood stars and industrialists.

Chand’s plans are ambitious. There would be events, campaigns, facilities for online counselling and merchandising and real estate surrounding happiness and wellbeing – the profits from each would be ploughed back into the cause. The philanthropist wants to devote every bit of his energy and resources in promoting real happiness. In his own words, as he nears his sixtieth decade, he doesn’t want to ‘retire but rewire’.

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