Dubai-based Filmmaker All Set to Re-Explore Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination
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Dubai-based Filmmaker All Set to Re-Explore Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination

‘The Gandhi Murder’, directed by Dubai-based Pankaj Sehgal will unravel hitherto unknown facts about Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination

It was always presumed that the facts of Mahatma Gandhi’s life and death have always been quite clear but is that the real truth? The Gandhi Murder is a film based on true events that led to the eventual assassination of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Directed by Pankaj Sehgal and Golden Globe-nominated filmmaker Karim Traidia, this movie seeks to relook at the assassination that changed the course of history nearly 71 years ago.

The movie demonstrates a violent India, against the backdrop of a non-violent Gandhi with hard-line fanatic mindsets beginning to grow roots in a country, divided on the basis of religion. It unravels facts that are bound to make you think about the stories successive governments have put out with regards to the assassination. One of the questions that the film will raise is why, despite being aware of the plot to kill Gandhi, the police and the politicians of that era, did not act on time. The theory being put forward is that it was not a single assassin, but a collective plan hatched within the corridors of power of the newly independent India that led to the eventual killing. The film is expected to shake the very foundation of India’s political landscape as it revolves around some unrevealed facts regarding Mahatma Gandhi and his death.

The Gandhi Murder will star the late Om Puri in one his last screen appearances prior to his death in 2017. American actor Stephen Lang from Avatar and British talents – Luke Pasqualino and Vinnie Jones from the X-Men: The Last Stand fame also star in it.

The film will be released on 30th January 2019, the 71st anniversary of the assassination of the great leader.

Watch the teaser of the film here: 

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