Dua Mangi Case: Police Places Suspicion on a Militant Outfit

Dua Mangi Case: Police Places Suspicion on a Militant Outfit

Dua Mangi, who was abducted on November 30th, 2019, is back home safe and sound after seven days of captivity.

Dua Misar Mangi, the 22-year-old law student, was abducted outside a popular food joint in Khayaban e Bokhari, Defence Housing Authority Karachi on November 30th, 2019. The unknown men in a black car forcefully abducted Dua Mangi while she was walking down the street with her friend Haris Fatah Soomro. As he tried to show resistance and stop the abductors from taking away Dua Mangi, Haris Fatah was shot down in neck; the bullet ended up penetrating through the chest and he had to be taken to the ICU for treatment.

After seven days of immense trauma for family and friends, Dua Mangi finally came back to her home in Karachi. While it relieved the family, it also raised questions who these abductors were. According to the Police, the people involved in Dua Mangi’s abduction were also involved in a shoot out with police just a day before her release.
The bullet that was shot at Haris Fatah Soomro was sent for forensic analysis and it was discovered that it was similar to the ones found at the encounter between policemen and the unknown armed motorcycles. During the shootout with police, a constable Arsalan sustained five bullet wounds.

Dua Mangi Case: Police Places Suspicion on a Militant Outfit

The Police suspected that this was a militant outfit that was also involved in the kidnapping of a girl named Bisma some time ago. Both the cases involved a ransom for their release. Also, in both the cases, the objective was to get the ransom. The girls were not mistreated during the captivity.

Dua Mangi’s case sparked a debate in Pakistan as everyone was concerned for the safety of women in public spaces. According to Dua Mangi, the abductors kept her in dark with a mask on her eyes so that she could not see who they were. The abductors released Dua Mangi after a ransom of Rs. 20 lakhs. Although Dua Mangi remained unharmed during her captivity, she was severely traumatized and not in a position to speak to the Police.

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