Dramas To Watch While Social Distancing – Thowback Reviews: Marasim
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Dramas To Watch While Social Distancing – Thowback Reviews: Marasim

While avoiding socializing during these trying times, catch up on some lesser-discussed shows as we share some recommendations

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Universally, we are stuck indoors during this uncertain time.  We all need a way to keep our minds off the situation – and binge-watching a good television show is always a good way to relax.  While there are the general recommendations that come from drama fans (Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Dastaan, Yakeen Ka Safar, etc.), what should one watch when they’ve seen all the popular choices?  In this series of articles, I’ll recommend some lesser-discussed, but equally binge-worthy Pakistani shows.  To begin, let’s discuss the first recommendation – “Marasim.”  Aired in 2014 on A-Plus, "Marasim" is written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and and directed by Owais Khan.  The show stars Ahsan Khan, Saba Hameed, Urwa Hocane and Sonya Hussain in lead roles. 

Is the “evil saas” simply that – an evil woman without a heart?  What are the circumstances that make a woman behave like this?  With “Marasim,” viewers meet Geeti Aara (Saba Hameed), a mother unable to forget the abuses and mistreatment she suffered at the hands of her in-laws.  The story is initially told from Geeti Aara’s point of view, which means she immediately gains audience sympathy.  And when, years later when she finally holds the reigns, she reacts in a way that isn’t unsurprising – she becomes her mother-in-law.  “Marasim” follows Geeti Aara’s son, Dawood (Ahsan Khan) and Momina (Sonya Hussain), cousins in love who are unable to release their bond, even when their bond is deemed inappropriate by society.  And finally, “Marasim” follows Nayyab (Urwa Hocane), an orphan rendered helpless by her circumstances, with low self-confidence, unable to fight her dismissive husband and oppressive mother-in-law.   

Dramas To Watch While Social Distancing – Thowback Reviews: Marasim

While on the outlook, “Marasim” may look like yet another story about the “saas bahu” fight, Marasim, in a way, examines the psychology behind it.  Rigid women, “evil” women are not born this way, rather they are created by their circumstances, victims of fear, mistreatment and insecurity.  While Geeti Ara, brilliantly played by Saba Hameed, is a kind-hearted, hard-working, “perfect” daughter-in-law, she’s never praised for it and is always criticized and so, when her husband and mother-in-law pass away, she takes the reigns and holds her freedom close – and is insecure of sharing her son’s love, particularly when that love is the daughter of the sister-in-law from hell.  Nayyab’s path is also interesting, seeing how her life could have followed Geeti Aara’s, but the cycle is fortunately stopped in the right way.  While Ahsan Khan does a good job, “Marasim” belongs to the women and rests on Saba Hameed and Urwa Hocane, as they are the stars of this drama, each creating a great impact with their characters of Geeti Aara and Nayyab.  If you want to watch a great show with fabulous performances, this would be it.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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