Dolly Parton's Profile Pic Meme is Taking Social Media By Storm

Dolly Parton's Profile Pic Meme is Taking Social Media By Storm

Dolly Parton has invented a superhit meme challenge. Check out these memes by Miley Cyrus, Ellen DeGeneres, Mark Ruffalo, Mindy Kaling and other stars.
Dolly Parton's Profile Pic Meme is Taking Social Media By Storm
Dolly Parton

We all are guilty of being different people on different social media sites and dating apps. American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton has come up with a hilarious meme on social media profile pictures, which has quickly gone viral and is being shared by some people with the hashtag dollypartonchallenge. It all started when Dolly took to Instagram to post a meme with four pictures, depicting the kind of photos everyone uses for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder. She captioned the photo as, “Get you a woman who can do it all.” The meme became popular very quickly as many stars started posting their pictures for each platform. Check out some of our favourite ones below.

Celebrity TV show host Ellen DeGeneres: “When my agent asks if I can play different roles.”

American singer Miley Cyrus: “Dolly’s setting world wide trends shouting out platforms she don’t even use #legendwithaflipphone #shestillsendsfaxes #ifyoudontknowhatafaxislookitup #myfairygodmotheristhequeen #queenofcountry #queenofthegram #therewillneverbeanotherdolly #allhaildollyparton #memequeen"

Avengers’ actor Mark Ruffalo: “Get a guy who will play them all.”

Dead Pool Movie: “R.I.P. Friendster”

Comedy icon Conan O'Brien “Which Conan are you?”

Chef Gordon Ramsey: “Chefs can get out of the kitchen some times….”

Scandal’s Kerry Washington: “Inspired by @dollyparton, of course!”

Comedian-actress Mindy Kaling: “Eenie, meenie, miney, mo.”

Award-winning actress Jessica Chastain: “Follow me on Tinder.”

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill: “OK. I'll play along too…#Hamemeable"

Twin Peaks’ actor Kyle MacLachlan: “Get you a guy who can do it all!”

Alias actress Jennifer Garner: “Yes ma’am, @dollyparton, whatever you say.”

Legally Blonde actress Reese Witherspoon’s clothing brand Draper James: “A true #WhatWouldDollyDo moment... we had to #dollypartonchallenge"

Following her and other celebrities, many fans are also sharing their collage of pictures on their social media accounts. While LinkedIn pictures look formal, Facebook pictures are more family-oriented. Instagram pictures look more fun, casual and stylish while Tinder’s photos are revealing people's seductive side. Dolly Parton has surely come up with a very successful meme challenge that will probably be taken up many other stars in the upcoming days.