Do People Want Prince Charles to Become the King?

Do People Want Prince Charles to Become the King?

Prince Charles who is likely to inherit the British throne is not much popular among the British public

Queen Elizabeth is the longest living monarch in British royal history. Although with time the powers of the monarch are not the same as before, Queen Elizabeth is one of the strongest reasons why the monarchy is still popular among people. The longest-reigning monarch also has the longest-serving heir: Prince Charles. Recently the Buckingham Palace marked 50 years of celebrations of the Investiture of Prince Charles as the Prince of Wales. The Queen is actively performing her duties as a monarch even at the age of 93. Although she has passed down many of her duties to Charles and William, she is still doing the most of it.

However, the question that arises in many minds is that what will things like be when Queen Elizabeth II passes away. The Queen has actively been preparing Prince Charles for his role as the King of Britain. It is still questionable if Prince Charles is even popular among the masses. Since the news of Prince Charles' alleged affair with Camilla Parker Bowles became public, his popularity took a major downfall. The tragic death of his ex-wife further fuelled the fire. Although Prince Charles is actively involved in many charities and welfare programs, his popularity among the masses is still a question that is not heartening for the weakening monarchy.

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According to a survey by YouGov in November 2018, the most popular member of the royal family was Prince Harry with Queen Elizabeth taking the second lead. The heir to the British throne Prince Charles was even behind Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Phillip. He was in the seventh position. According to a poll by BMG Research for The Independent, 46% of the common people want Prince William instead of Prince Charles to become the king. Traditionally the royal family has always kept itself away from partiality but Prince Charles is known for his strong views on architecture and environment. However, he would definitely not be voicing his string opinion once he is a king.

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