Discounts at Spaces salon

Discounts at Spaces salon

Till August 31, 2012:Enjoy 50 per cent discounts on treatments

Dubai's famed salon, Spaces, is offering quality grooming and relaxation treatments to women and men this summer. The salon will be celebrating the theme of Manic Mondays, by offering discounts of up to 50 per cent on select beauty treatments.

Men and women can benefit equally from a host of treatments including hair relaxing and re-bonding, eye lash extension and wrinkle free skin.

Venue: Spaces Salon in the Oasis Centre and Iconic in Deira City Centre
Contact: Oasis Centre, 04 515 4400 / 01(Ladies) and 04 515 4393 / 94 (Gents) or email
Iconic, 04 295 7271(Ladies) and 04 295 6605 (Gents) or email

Following is a list of the treatments:

Special therapies for women - July and August

Sourced from
Original price (Dhs)
Discounted price (Dhs)
DurationEye Lash ExtensionNatural looking eyelashes for longer and fuller lashes,
Gives volume and enhances and define the eyes for a younger look.
No need for mascara!Singapore200
4001 hr
Microdermabrasion with Rejuvenating FacialRemoves dead skin cells, revealing a younger healthier looking skin.
Improves appearance of acne scars.
Firms the skin and helps to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. Skin feels firmer, brighter ,smoother and younger lookingUS450
1 hr

Special therapies for men – July and August

Treatment BenefitsSourced from
Original price (Dhs)
Discounted price (Dhs)
DurationKeratin hair treatment
This is a hair-straightening treatment that also nourishes damaged hair.
It gives hair a soft lustrous finish while smoothing out frizzy hair, with long
lasting results. US8004001 hr- 1 hr 30 min
Hair relaxer
Removes unwanted frizz and relaxes the curls for less curly hair
that is also smoother in texture.US30015030 min
Hair Re-bonding
This styling technique involves the flattening and straightening
of hair in order to give it a smooth, streamlined and sleek look.Italy6503251 hr 30 min
Mesotherapy- Anti age care
Vitamins are infused into the skin, resulting in radiant, glowing and youthful skin.
The therapy Improves elasticity of the skin, smoothens out fine lines and wrinkles and also helps reverse the signs of ageing.France4502251 hr
Mesotherapy- Whitening care
Whitening care involves having Vitamins infused into the skin.
This brightens and gives a clearer complexion along with a health glow to the skin.
The therapy helps reduce dark spots and pigmentation.France
7503751 hr
Hot Stone MassageThe massage aids in deep muscle and tissue relaxation, alleviates stress,
releases toxins, relieves pain, improves circulation and calms the psyche.China320
1hr 15 min

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