Disco Raja Movie Review: Ravi Tejaa’s Film Should Have Belonged to the 80s

Disco Raja Movie Review: Ravi Tejaa’s Film Should Have Belonged to the 80s

Disco Raja Movie Review: Ravi Tejaa sleepwalks through his role in yet another disappointing film

  • Movie Name Disco Raja
  • Director V I Anand
  • Actor Ravi Tejaa, Payal Rajput
  • Rating
  • Rating 1/5 Stars

Rating: *(1 star)

Ravi Tejaa — may God bless his dead career — once was  king. They  called him Masala Maharaj. We all know what too much masala does to the  meal . For  some years  now, Tejaa’s masala products have been giving his career a serious  indigestion. After a spate of flops where  he apparently tried  to reinvent himself(although in reality all he did was rehash his same old stale and  outdated swag) he now returns with  the most desperate  and  preposterous of all efforts  to revive his career.

Regrettably Disco Raja is as dead as a  corpse  left out to  languish  in a  morgue. Ravi Tejaa, in the hands of director V I Anand, comes up with what can  loosely be described as science affliction, not to be mistaken for science  fiction. Tejaa plays a man revived  from the dead  by the miracles  of science. But let me tell you,  no miracle, scientific or theosophical, can revive Ravi Tejaa’s career. Not if he insists  on doing such buffoonish bilge. Providing  audiences with an overdose of himself — oh, I forgot to mention, there are  two of Tejaa — is  not going to help  his career get back  its mojo. The  gimmicks, which earlier were amusing are here plainly annoying.

Tejaa’s attempts to  update his image to keep with the competition  from Vijay Deverakonda and Adivi Shesh are so lame, they only add to the feeling of a scam masquerading as cinema. As expected,  the leading ladies have  nothing to do except  sing praises  of their beloved, dashing, debonair, darling(etc etc etc ) hero.And  speaking of singing, the songs by Thaman are  just about the  only power-points in a  film that  seems to have been written in a stage  of deep  sleep .Tejaa  still dances like  a meteor. If only he  could hold the  audience when  not dancing.

Ravi Tejaa sleepwalks  through  a film that belongs to the  1980s but pretends to be masala  for the millennials. For those who thought Ravi Tejaa’s career cannot fall any lower   than Bengal Tiger, Raja The Great, Touch Chesi Chudu, Nela Ticket and Amar Akbar Anthony…here is  the answer.                                                                                                                 

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