Dinesh Vijan on Bala: Ayushmann Khurrana Is Known For Brave Choices But This One Is All Heart
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Dinesh Vijan on Bala: Ayushmann Khurrana Is Known For Brave Choices But This One Is All Heart

Dinesh Vijan has clarified that his film is not similar to Udja Chaman. In fact, he mentioned that Bala is not about hair loss but focuses on self-love. He also explains what makes it original!

Ayushmann Khurrana’s Bala has long been embroiled in controversy with the makers of Udja Chaman at the fighting end. While most people are probably tired of the spat between the two, others cannot wait for the films to hit cinema screens so as to be able to spot the alleged similarities between the films’ storylines. Both projects explore the idea of a young man suffering from premature balding. However, Bala producers are adamant about the fact that their film is different from Udja Chaman and has an “original concept” of self-love. Speaking about the same, Dinesh Vijin has once again addressed the issue which has become the talk of the town in Bollywood.

Ahead of Bala’s release this Friday, Vijan revealed that the audience will finally see that their film is an original. Speaking about the plagiarism charges against him by the makers of Ujda Chaman, he said, “When something like this happens, a part of you wants to explain yourself. But since we were just three weeks away from release, I needed to see my film through without losing focus. It will be out this Friday and then you will know that Bala is a completely original concept. We are credible filmmakers. Forget a subject, I’ve never even signed a director working for another production house.”

He added, “Before we started, Luv Ranjan and Kumar ji (Mangal, producer of Ujda Chaman) approached me on the similarity in the plots of the two films. Since Kumar ji’s film was a remake of Kannada film (Ondu Motteya Kathe), I didn’t need to listen to his subject, but I narrated mine to Luv who assured us that there was resemblance between the two. Twenty days after we wrapped up, they went on the floors. I reiterate our film is nothing like the South film or the 2011 Hindi film Hair Is Falling or any other on the subject. More than hair loss, Bala propagates self-love. There are things we don’t like about ourselves, be it our hair, height or complexion, yet, it’s important that we love ourselves for others to love us. That’s what our film is about and it’s Ayushmann’s best performance to date. He’s known for brave choices but this one is all heart.”

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