Dimple Kapadia’s Film with Christopher Nolan. Will She have a Substantial Role?
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Dimple Kapadia’s Film with Christopher Nolan. Will She have a Substantial Role?

Dimple Kapadia, going by past experiences of Bollywood stars in Hollywood films, is likely to have a small role in Tenet

By now everyone who is someone knows that the gorgeous yet languishing Dimple Kapadia is all set to make her international debut in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. Nolan, for those came in late, has directed some of the most revered contemporary classics including Interstellar, Inception and the good but overrated war film Dunkirk. Tenet, it is rumoured, is based on the theme of time travel.

That Ms Kapadia who has long given up on acting should decide to be part of an international project, is an amusing and revealing occurrence. Amusing, because Dimple’s indifference to her career is well-known. She started at 15 with the sensational Bobby which turned her into India’s youngest heart-throb, retired to marry India’s biggest superstar Rajesh Khanna, returned  to acting and  gave some remarkable performances in Rudaali, Lekin and Drishti in the early 1990s  and spent  the rest of her career doing sub-standard work just to keep her kitchen fire burning.

But what about the fire within? The terrific actor that she was, she just didn’t care to nurture her craft. “You know what I enjoy the most?” she confided in me once when she was promoting another of her awful films. “Playing poker! That’s why I look younger than my age, as you seem to think. How many films have I done in the last ten years? Not more than six to seven, I am sure. Though I am not counting. Look, I know people say you miss me on screen. That's very kind. But I have my own life, and very hectic and turbulent life. There are so many ups and downs. There has to be something inviting or something fun for me to give so much time to,” she said.

Well, it looks like she found a reason to snap out of her self-created isolation.  Though just how much of a role she would have in a film that stars iconic veterans Michael Caine and Kenneth Branagh and global superstars Robert Pattinson and Aaron-Taylor Johnson, is a debatable point.

Chances are Dimple would have just an extended cameo the way Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra had in The Great Gatsby and Mission Impossible and A Kid like Jake. But Dimple isn’t complaining.

Christopher Nolan must be congratulated for ending Dimple Kapadia’s extended sabbatical. Now it remains to be seen if her role in Tenet justifies her presence in the film, or it only reinforces the belief that our stars are willing play marginal roles in international films as long as they carry home with a hefty pay check. Dimple’s last good films were the quirky Being Cyrus and Finding Fanny, both directed by Homi Adajania.

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