Diljit Singh Being Considered for a Role Offered to Akshay Kumar 20 Years Ago!
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Diljit Singh Being Considered for a Role Offered to Akshay Kumar 20 Years Ago!

After 'Soorma', Will Diljit Dosanjh Play Gurdit Singh in Deepa Mehta's 'Komagata Maru'?

It is  the role of a lifetime which  Diljit Dosanjh seems  destined  to play.  The Sikh lawyer-activist Gurdit Singh who in 1914 fought for  the right of thousands of illegal immigrants  from Punjab to enter  Canada through the sea.

The role of Gurdit Singh has  gone through many hands, Akshay  Kumar 20 years  ago to Amitabh Bachchan a decade  ago. But somehow the  director Deepa Mehta felt  that getting a real Sardarji to play Gurdit Singh would lend acute credibility to her film. She seems to have  now zeroed in on the charismatic Diljit Dosanjh to  play Gurdit Singh.

Says a source  close to the development, “Honestly the role of Gurdit Singh in Komagata Maru seems  to have been written for Diljit. He has the physicality and the emotional depth to play the character. It’s not  enough to just  be  a Sikh actor. The  actor playing Gurdit Singh  must have  a sense of history. Diljit has amply proved  it in Soorma where he plays hockey champ Sandeep Singh with disconcerting authenticity.  Diljit is  the perfect fit for Deepa Mehta’s film.”

One hopes the alliance  fructifies sooner rather than later.  Diljit Dosanjh says he does  not feel the least constrained by his turbaned  physicality. “On the  contrary I feel I’m in a unique position where roles meant for me come only to me,” Diljit had said.

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