Diljit Dosanjh and Why He Isn’t Doing Much Bollywood Films

Diljit Dosanjh and Why He Isn’t Doing Much Bollywood Films

Diljit Dosanjh doesn’t do a lot of Bollywood, here’s why

Diljit Dosanjh is already an existing superstar in the Punjabi regional industry. He made his heavily anticipated Bollywood debut in 2017 with the phenomenal film 'Udta Punjab.' After 'Udta Punjab', the actor went on to star in 'Soorma' which was also well received by the audience. Unfortunately, his most recent movie 'Welcome to New York' was a box office failure and became a driving force of a reason as to why the actor says he will only select and star in content-driven films.

Talking about why he isn't doing many Bollywood films, the actor explained that he has a preference for roles that are powerful and meaningful. Also, he does not want to perform in roles in which he has nothing to do and no challenge. Diljit said his fans who adore his Punjabi songs and Punjabi films should not feel that he chose Bollywood films over starring in a Punjabi film. The actor further elaborated and said that “a good film is a good film, be it Punjabi or Hindi, and same goes with a bad film, so it's better to do a good Punjabi film than a bad Hindi film.” Diljit also stated that he has turned down big films because they were requesting he do some things he does not want to do.

When asked about the kind of liberty and freedom that all his fame, prominence and success brought to him, Diljit explained: "Nothing. I start my journey from zero on every Friday. We are in a profession where we are almost starting our career with every release. We actors and singers have to perform well and maintain consistency with every show, with every film…people are always interested to know about our present work and future plans, so I have to prove myself. And with success and growing opportunity, I have to maintain the regularity."