Diets And Fitness Fads You Need To Forget Right Away!!

Diets And Fitness Fads You Need To Forget Right Away!!

Remember, there is no quick fix to improving diet or fitness levels while healthy eating and exercise should be part of everyday life.

Let's accept it, only in a perfect world we would all be making healthier choices and a lifestyle that promises wellness on a greater scale. Our fast-paced lives tempt even the strong-willed once to adopt quick fixes and short cuts which ultimately leads to the internet that inundated with information of fad diets and quick fixes. The misleading articles on “lose weight in 10 days” or “miracle diet” can sway you into thinking that those are worth your time and effort. Since it's difficult to filter information on the internet, lets bust a few diets and fitness fads that you need to forget right away.

1. Carbs Are The devil:

Carbohydrates have gained a bad reputation in recent times, all thanks to Low-carb high protein diet or the Atkins diet that restricts the consumption of carbs. Although, Carbohydrates are an essential macronutrient and a preferred source of fuel for the body as well as brain and having them in moderate proportion is actually good for health.

2. Eating Clean All The time:

See clean eating means eating whole foods that are least processed and also cutting out entire food groups. For example, let's say you cut out on dairy while in a process of eating clean. This is going to adversely affect your health because you are depriving yourself. So, the whole concept of clean eating is intended as a lifestyle as opposed to a short-term diet.

3. Excessive Sweating Is Indicative of Good Workout:

Sweating while you are working out can be because of many factors including age, weight, fitness level, genetics, temperature or how new a person is to work out. Sweat is simply a mechanism that your body uses to cool you down, the hotter you are, the more you will sweat.

4. Heavy Weights will Bulk You Up:

It is a common assumption that if women lift heavy weights they will bulk up. Truth be told, you need to eat calories accordingly to actually bulk up like let's say WWE wrestlers. So pick up those weights because you actually need weight training to help shed that extra flab you are holding on to.

5. “Fasted Cardio” To Burn More Fat:

The theory is that by performing cardio first thing in the morning, in this “fasted state” of let's say 12 hours, you will burn more fat than at other times of the day. Nopes, there are no shreds of evidence found to prove this theory and there was no significant difference between individuals who did fast cardio and those who didn’t.

The truth is, there are no short cuts or quick fixes to improve a diet or fitness levels. So kick those miracle diets and fitness challenges away and lets all vow to make living a healthy lifestyle a top priority.