Did You Know? Virat Kohli Was in Dubai Yesterday for THIS Reason
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Did You Know? Virat Kohli Was in Dubai Yesterday for THIS Reason

Virat Kohli was in Dubai for a hush-hush private soiree that saw him launch something exciting

Who would have thought? Amidst preparing for the Cricket World Cup, Virat Kohli is also taking time out for endorsements. And one such assignment brought him to Dubai! Yes, the cricket icon was in Dubai yesterday (Saturday, May 18, 2019) for launching his own brand of fragrances. It was a private soiree that saw the cricketer launch his brand one8 Fragrance’s new line of perfumes. The party saw the cricketer talk at length about how his brand captures the essence of his personality outside the pitch!

Did You Know? Virat Kohli Was in Dubai Yesterday for THIS Reason

So what does Virat’s new perfume line entail? It includes Eau De Parfum, Body sprays and pocket sprays available in six variants:  Aqua, Willow, Intense, Active, Fresh and Pure while the EDPs have subtle yet alluring Aqua, Intense, Fresh and Pure notes. “I am very proud of our one8 Fragrance line. It reflects my personality and has been a deeply personal project for me. I can’t wait for all my fans in the UAE to experience it,”  reportedly said Kohli. We wonder why he didn’t meet too many of his fans then!

The one8 range of deodorants and fragrances aims to strive to give consumers a luxury experience at an affordable price. They have been developed in collaboration with Scentials Beautycare & Wellness Pvt Ltd which has global licensing and endorsement agreements with some of the most successful celebrities in the field of sports and entertainment to design, develop, manufacture, market and distribute a range of personal-care products through multiple brands across fragrance, skin care, makeup and male grooming. The range of products will be available across all major retail stores in June 2019 and will be distributed by SMEG Distribution LLC, the official distributor in the UAE.

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