Did You Know That Men Are More Emotional At Work Than Women? Here’s Why

Did You Know That Men Are More Emotional At Work Than Women? Here’s Why

A study conducted recently found out that men are more emotional at work as compared to the females

Ever since women have been in the workplace, they have also been victims of sexism. It’s no surprise really. They have also been fending off the sexist comments that they are more “emotional” than their male counterparts. But it looks the tables have finally turned, as a new study has dismantled this toxic stereotype for good. A survey of 2,250 workers found that men are more emotional than women at work, reported Stylist. And as per the finding, men are twice as likely to get emotional if they’re not heard or because they were criticized. Who’s a cry baby now?

But that’s not all there was. Men were three times more likely to feel emotional if a project went over budget, missed a deadline or got cancelled. Terri Simpkin, a senior lecturer in leadership and corporate education at Anglia Ruskin University, shared out that men and women have been “socialised to display emotions differently, especially at work”. She explained, “Men are more likely to report experiencing emotions associated with power, such as anger or pride. In fact, emotions and power are inextricably linked. Not being heard is congruent with lacking in status. Similarly, sadness is associated with a lack of power in social settings such as the workplace.”

Nell Scovell experienced this behavior first-hand when working on TV shows where she was usually the only female writer in the room.  She said, “Like a lot of women in the workplace, I was aware of this bias, so I made a conscious effort to not give anyone the chance to label me as ‘crazy’ or ‘difficult’. Be being tough and unemotional, I was not acting ‘like a man’. My male colleagues emoted like crazy. After a tough notes session with the network, a male writer walked into the room, screamed an obscenity and threw his script across the table. But nobody thought he was ‘hysterical’. When a man storms out of the room, he’s passionate. When a woman storms out, she’s unstable and unprofessional.”