Did You Know? Ananya Pandey was Called ‘Hunchback’ in School

Ananya Pandey opened up about the trolling she went through during her school days
Did You Know? Ananya Pandey was Called ‘Hunchback’ in School
Ananya Pandey

Ananya Pandey is waiting for her big debut Student of the Year 2 with Tiger Shroff and Tara Sutaria, where she plays a hottie. But Ananya has revealed bitter memories of her childhood when she was bullied in school without any fault of hers. In an interview with The Times of India, Ananya says the bitter trolling that she experiences on social media these days has no effect on her because of the bullying that she had to endure in her school days. Those experiences toughened her up.

“In my school, we wore uniforms and couldn't apply nail polish or kajal. I had so many problems like body issues, stress and exams. I am really skinny even though I eat like a beast. Everyone wants to have a curvy body and look a certain way, but I think now I am comfortable in my skin," Ananya said.

She then went on reveal the issues that she once faced with her body, similarly to a lot of girls who face the same dilemma during their growing up years. She revealed that her friends used to tease her by calling her a 'hunchback'. "In school, I would always be uncomfortable because my skirt would expose my thin, chicken legs and wiry hands. I would get called a hunchback as I am tall and would always bend down to hear people. This is the reason trolls don’t affect me, as I have been bullied in school,” Ananya Pandey added.

She then went on to say that she now takes the experience in a positive way and ensures none of those similar comments are able to hurt her. Hence, Ananya says, the cruel comments on the internet do not hurt her. Looks like the actress is ready for the competition and the negativity that inevitably comes with stardom.