Did the Saaho Trailer Make Sense to You?

Did the Saaho Trailer Make Sense to You?

The Saaho Trailer leaves many questions unanswered. Hopefully we will know more when it releases on August 30
Did the Saaho Trailer Make Sense to You?
Prabhas in Saaho

Hopefully, the answers would be provided on August 30 when the film releases. But for now, the long-awaited trailer that came out on Saturday left many puzzled with its stress on high-octane action and low-level plotline. Quite honestly, the film seems slim on the plot. The unrelenting stress on creating overpowering visuals leaves the characters with nothing much to do except act ‘good’ or ‘bad’ with no room for subtleties. In fact, Saaho could be making the same mistakes as Shankar’s  2:0. And much more severely.

Watch the trailer of Saaho here:

Excessive visual velocity, short on substance, the trailer of Saaho gives a whole new  definition to the concept of  ‘substance abuse.’ The content suffers  an onslaught  of intemperate action. Put in a nutshell, the trailer of Saaho suggests a state of suspended breathing. So busy is it being tense  that it refuses to exhale. And  the staccato dialogues don’t help. Murli Sharma playing a good bad-cop describes Prabhas’s character as the statutory warning against smoking that comes in the beginning of films. “He means well like the  statutory warning  for  a feel-good film. But the visuals are disturbing,”  says Murli.

This is perhaps the smartest line  I heard  in the eager-to-please trailer. And it really made no sense. It could be a dubbing discrepancy. Or, more disturbingly, a symptom of a creative process  that tries to be too smart for its own good. The plot seems abysmally underdeveloped. There are 5-6 villains played by the unusual suspects like Chunky Pandey, Mahesh Manjrekar, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Mandira Bedi and some cops sitting around planning how to nab them. And in how many Telugu films will Vennela Kishore play the hero’s best friend?

Prabhas seems strangely out of his depth. He is fine in the action scenes. But the minute he opens his mouth  to say the dialogues, the magic kind of evaporates exposing his inability to hold a scene unless surrounded by props and that includes Shraddha Kapoor. Going by the trailer, Saaho seems very anxious to get our attention. Desperation is never a good thing. I am sure the caucus of villains in Saaho know that.

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