Did Salman Khan Snub Priyanka Chopra's Mother? Here is the Truth

Reports suggested that Salman Khan did not talk to Priyanka Chopra's mother during a recent fashion show
Did Salman Khan Snub Priyanka Chopra's Mother? Here is the Truth
Salman Khan

Reports suggesting that Salman Khan is so cheesed  off with Priyanka Chopra for opting out of Bharat that he “snubbed” her  mother at a recent event, are  misguided and  ill-informed.

A close friend reveals, “Bhai never deflects  his anger  on  the people close to the  offender. If you remember he was  very  cut up with Sanjay Leela Bhansali but he continued to be  very  close to Sanjay’s sister Bela during  that  period.” This is  true. Sanjay Bhansali’s sister Bela had invited Salman to see her directorial debut Shirin Farhad  Ki Nikal Padi which  Salman happily did, although he was  not on talking terms with Sanjay back then. ‘Anything  for you, but not for him,’ Salman had said to Bela.

In the event  of his fall-out with Priyanka Salman “snubbing” her mother is  ridiculous.

Says  the friend, “Salman is  way too respectful of elders  to do something like this. In fact at  the event where this incident allegedly happened (Manish Malhotra’s fashion show)  Salman and Piyanka Chopra’s mother  didn’t even come  face-to-face.”

Hope this puts all speculation on the subject to rest.