Did Kapil Sharma Throw a Tantrum?

Read all about Kapil Sharma's alleged misbehaviour during Celebrity Cricket League Match
Did Kapil Sharma Throw a Tantrum?
Kapil Sharma

Comedian Kapil Sharma, who has been associated with the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) for the past three years, was supposed to co-host a segment of the inaugural day of CCL 4 along with Mandira Bedi. But all hell broke loose when Kapil reached the venue, first of all, two hours late!

Adding to this was the fact that Kapil apparently hadn’t gone through his email either. He was blissfully unaware of the brief and the script that had been forwarded to him. But Kapil on arrival at the event demanded a vanity van without which he said he could not manage. Now all the other stars had been informed that there would be no vanity vans – including ‘the’ Salman Khan (promoter of the event and leader of the Mumbai Heroes team with brother Sohail)!

Getting back to Kapil, we hear he gave the organizers a tougher time by refusing to provide his passport for the ongoing tour and also hiked his price by three times! When his unrealistic demands were not met, he walked out of the event, leaving the organisers 15 minutes to find a replacement! Sharma’s excuse is, “It’s sad that the incident has caused bad blood between us, but it’s a sheer case of mismanagement.” Our take: you don’t create bad blood with someone like Salman Khan, especially when you’re a Sharma-come-lately!