Did Kangana Ranaut Hypnotise Adhyayan Suman?
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Did Kangana Ranaut Hypnotise Adhyayan Suman?

Shekhar and Alka Suman make SHOCKING allegations

Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan’s legal battle is getting uglier by the day and now with Adhyayan Suman’s statements, the matter has become even more messier!

Adhyayan’s parents have also recently made some startling revelations. In a recent interview Shekhar was quoted saying, “One day my wife Alka opened Adhyayan’s drawer and she found supari, some coins and other weird things in it. She called me and asked Kya Hai Yeh? I hope he is not doing something crazy. Then another day, when Adhyayan came home, we saw he was completely bald. We asked him what made him to do this then he replied you won’t understand fashion. Then at last we come to know it was Kangana who forced him to do so.”

According to a report in BollywoodLife, Adhyayan’s mother also revealed how Kangana had apparently hypnotised Adhyayan and tortured him.

She said, “Soon after we found supari, I called family’s Panditji and they confirmed that Adhyayan was hypnotised. From his eyes it seemed either he was a drugged or was under the influence of someone. The way Kangana treated him it was horrible. She used to abuse him, beat him. One day Adhayayan called up around 2-3 AM, I asked him where are you? Then he started crying on phone and said Kangana had locked him out of her house. I asked him to let me talk to Kangana and request her. When Kangana came on the line she did not listen to me and refused to take him inside. I got very angry for the first time that how could anybody do this to my son. I think Adhyayan was in Mumbai and Kangana was out of India shooting for Kites, he stumbled upon some of her intimate messages which she had sent to Hrithik. This time Adhyayan made up his mind to fight for his rights.”

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