Did Kajol Really Show Her Middle Finger To Someone?
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Did Kajol Really Show Her Middle Finger To Someone?

...or so suggests a video that has gone viral now

Kajol, as a person, is known to be temperamental but over the years, has learnt to conduct herself well in public. Not one to pretend all is well though when it isn’t, she has had her share of fights in the industry, without any loss to her dignity. Or so we thought! At a recently held religious function, one that Kajol has immense respect for, the Dilwale actress was in a totally different mood. At one point, she was actually spotted flashing her finger to someone in the crowd! A video of the same has been doing the rounds on the Internet which shows Kajol giving someone the finger. It was later revealed that the person at the receiving end was Raja (Rani Mukerji’s brother) who was present at this family occasion! 

We are happy to report that this was not part of a serious spat but was actually done only in jest. It was clearly part of a private joke between her and her cousin, Raja Mukerji. Yet, given her stature, it did come as a shock to many but we say she is still a wild child at heart!

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