Did Imran Khan's Refusal To Hear a Script Upset Rishi Kapoor?
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Did Imran Khan's Refusal To Hear a Script Upset Rishi Kapoor?

The young actor's actions may have left the veteran actor a bit miffed!

In today’s times we hardly ever see actors offering a role to another. And when one has a person as great as Rishi Kapoor suggesting a role, a smarter choice would be not to refuse it. But Imran Khan has a mind of his own – though his poor choice of films doesn’t quite bear this out! The actor recently turned down a role in Wedding Pulav that veteran Rishi Kapoor, who is also part of the film, had suggested to him. We hear Imran’s reasoning was that if Rishi Kapoor felt it was a good role, why didn’t he suggest his son Ranbir do it?!
Which is a tad ridiculous, we feel, but then this is Imran we’re talking here, who has always apparently had a chip on his shoulder.
Buzz goes that Rishi wished to work with the actor and since the team was still looking for the male lead, he suggested Imran’s name as he considers him as his own son. When Rishi was asked if he felt bad about it he said, “Imran didn’t even hear the script, he said he was sorry and he couldn’t do it. Maybe Imran was contractually bound (for Katti Batti) or maybe it was because his film was bigger than ours. But it’s an actor’s prerogative to accept or refuse a film, so why should I be upset?"
Well, Katti Batti hasn’t really done any good for Imran either. It is high time the actor concentrates on his choices and learns to accept good advice or at least masters the knack of polite refusal at the very least. It matters a great deal in B-town not to antagonise the few well-wishers you have left, especially when yours has largely been a flop story all the way... 
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