Did Deepika Padukone Get Her Ranbir Kapoor Tattoo Removed? No!

Speculations were rife at the recent Cannes Film Festival that the tattoo had finally been removed from Deepika Padukone's neck
Did Deepika Padukone Get Her Ranbir Kapoor Tattoo Removed? No!
Deepika Padukone at the Cannes Film Festival

Deepika Padukone

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One of the most-talked about aspects of the Ranbir Kapoor-Deepika Padukone relationship was the RK tattoo the gorgeous actress had got etched at the nape of her neck. After their split, many wondered if the tattoo would remain or not. Time and again, TV cameras would focus on the spot and try to figure if the tattoo was there at the back of Deepika’s neck.

However, the actress herself played it supremely cool and never gave the rumour mongers any cause to chatter. Eventually, the stories died down. They resurfaced once again during the ongoing Cannes Film Festival when it was reported that the ‘Ranbir’ tattoo, it seemed, had disappeared from Deepika’s neck. The design was no longer visible and speculations were rife that it had been surgically removed.

The tattoo on her neck 

Well, for all those who are curios, there is the answer. No, the tattoo has not been removed. Says a source in the know, “It’s there.  It has just been covered with clever makeup. Deepika doesn’t plan to remove the tattoo at all. It is likely to remain on her neck for keeps  as a reminder  of her past impulses.”
There was some discussion among the Padukone clan about altering the tattoo from ‘Ranbir’ to ‘Ranveer’.  But apparently Deepika has shot down the idea. “Yeah it’s Ranveer Singh (in her life) now. But who knows  about tomorrow?” says a friend  of  the actress.