Did Censor Board Ask for Blurring of Alcohol Glasses from a Hollywood Film?
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Did Censor Board Ask for Blurring of Alcohol Glasses from a Hollywood Film?

The Censor Board chief clears the air about a story that drew a sharp reaction from the likes of Farhan Akhtar

A story on  a leading  mainstream portal drawing attention to the  hypocrisy  and outdated  mores of the Central Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) has drawn  a sharp  rebuttal from  the  CBFC’s Regional Officer Tushar Karmakar.  Reacting to a viral report accusing the  CBFC of blurring alcohol glasses in the  on-release Hollywood  sports drama  Ford Versus Ferrari, Karmakar said to this writer,  “This is  completely baseless. No such cut  was mentioned by the  CBFC in its communication   to the Applicant when we asked for  modifications.”

And  what are the modifications that the CBFC asked for? Muted replacement of the words ‘sons  of w*****’, ‘f*******’.  ‘A*******’ wherever they occur. Insert anti-smoking  disclaimer  and  spot ads  in  the beginning and in the middle and   the static message, ‘Tobacco kills 80 lac people a  year’ wherever  smoking occurs. These are  all the  changes that the CBFC has asked for in Ford & Ferrari.

Where  and how did this story  of  wine glasses being blurred whenever Matt Damon and Christian  Bale feel  like  a drink  in Ford  & Ferrari, come from? Free re-release  publicity  for  the  film, perhaps? The fake news  worked.  Farhan Akhtar tweeted angrily against  the CBFC,  “The day is not far when they’ll just have the script read out in theatres. Why the Indian adult is treated like a delinquent who can’t think for him/herself or tell right from wrong is beyond me!!”

Save  your breath  for another day.

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