Arjun Rampal Livid at Rumours of His Holiday With Sussanne
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Arjun Rampal Livid at Rumours of His Holiday With Sussanne

Reports suggest that Sussanne Khan and Arjun Rampal went on a holiday

It seems like the Hrithik-Sussanne break-up refuses to disappear from the limelight. Recent allegations by a source close to star couple Arjun and Mehr Jesia Rampal to a leading newspaper state Sussanne may have been more than friends with Arjun, causing trouble in the latter’s marriage. The report, published in Bombay Times alleged that Sussanne and Arjun had spent quality time together when they happened to be in the same city abroad. It further mentioned that Mehr didn’t take the story lying down and confronted her husband over the accusations. All this, in turn, had resulted in the friendship between the three – Arjun, Mehr and Sussanne – going through a huge turmoil.

While the sordid details of Sussanne and the Rampal’s relationship has once again hit the headlines, the stars themselves are angered by the reportage. Both Hrithik and Arjun have taken to the social networking site Twitter to voice their displeasure, with Hrithik tweeting, “If you people knew how much false news is printed, the papers would actually stop selling. I am disgusted today..."

A livid Arjun also went on record to defend his family tweeting, “Bombay Times, who paid you? Who are these faceless accusers? If you have the guts reveal them first. Stay away from me and my family.” Several other supporters of the Rampals and Hrithik too trashed the media for printing baseless allegations.

How much truth there is to these accusations still remains to be confirmed but for now, the spotlight is once again on the most talked-about divorce of the industry.

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