Dia says yes to Arshad

Dia says yes to Arshad

Finally, he finds a leading lady
Dia says yes to Arshad

After going through a whole roster of 'could-be' leading ladies and hearing a 'no' from many of them, Arshad Warsi has finally found a heroine for his first home production - and it's none other than Dia Mirza.

Though Arshad is tight-lipped about his heroine crisis, getting the right girl for his first film to be directed by Kabeer Kaushik has not been easy. Tentatively titled "I Believe In Angels", the film is to go on floor in London in July.

Said a source close to the actor: "All the girls who were Arshad's pals turned him down. Arshad is in a peculiar place right now. He's seen as a natural scene-stealer but not leading-man material. The big heroines are wary of being paired with him. Lara Dutta said no to 'Short Cut' though it was an Anil Kapoor production when she heard Arshad was one of the leading men."

But Dia gladly said yes.

"First of all I've always enjoyed Arshad's performances and it's an honour to be in a film produced by him. Then when I heard the script, I simply fell in love with my role and the script. Every character is so beautifully written and I'm sure Arshad's first production is going to turn out to be very special," the Bollywood beauty said.

Dia plays a very sweet angelic character in "I Believe In Angels".

"I've that image. And I suit it. Though I'm not bound by the sweet image, I don't mind being perceived as ideal for angelic roles at a time when every second girl enjoys playing the wicked ones."

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