Dia Mirza’s Environmentally Friendly Ideas
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Dia Mirza’s Environmentally Friendly Ideas

Check out how Dia Mirza stays environmentally friendly on a daily basis

While browsing YouTube one fine morning, I ended up looking at a YouTube video where actor, producer and beauty pageant Dia Mirza showed a peek into her home and how she maintained eco-friendly environment despite of living in urban jungle called Mumbai. She is one of the very few celebrities in entertainment industry actually believe in mantra of sustainable living, and has been playing the eco champion with much gusto. Recently, United Nations has appointed her as first United Nations Environment Goodwill Ambassador for India which shows her interest in sustainable living to the maximum.

Dia Mirza’s Life Hacks for an Eco-Friendly Home:

  • She loves feeding birds and she believes that it is imperative to have some sort of wildlife in busy cosmopolitan cities we live in. Offer bird food and water in earthen pots to keep the water cool.
  • She has completely switched from plastic water and keeps a mettle bottle to keep the water cool. Even Ranbir Kapoor is a fan of how she carries mettle bottles with her at all times. She advises to replace all plastic containers with glass ones and use ceramic jars. Say No to plastic items like packaged water, straws, plastic bag, cutlery, Styrofoam articles. She carries a cloth bag at all times to avoid using plastic bags.
  • She says “By segregating our domestic waste into dry and wet, we are reducing the hazards each one of us is contributing to on a daily basis. We have a compost system which has now turned our housing society into a zero-waste society, only our dry waste gets collected. We have all the plastics collected and given to the Plastic Association.”
  • While switching from plastic to going green, she found companies within that produced toothbrush, earbuds, biodegradable sanitary napkins, beauty products that were eco-friendly.
  • She believes in buy local, eat local. There are very convenient apps that can tell you times of fruits and vegetables grown locally produced.

It’s imperative to go back to basics. Now that we are more aware of health hazards our fast lifestyle is bringing us, we need to be more conscious about our actions even more. Let’s start with these little steps/changes and put forth more environmentally conscious deeds for others to inspire from.

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