Dia Mirza Talks 'Kaafir', Exclusive Interview
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Dia Mirza Talks 'Kaafir', Exclusive Interview

Dia Mirza talks about Kaafir in this exclusive interview with Subhash K Jha

Dia Mirza spoke to Subhash K Jha about her webseries Kaafir. Subhash asked her about her various challenges, such as how deeply affected she was, how important the role was to her and how the internet would provide the series the kind of intense audience it deserves.

How deeply were you affected by your character in Kaafir?
Dia Mirza: So deeply affected that I think a part of my character Kainaaz will always be with me.As an artist and human being I am deeply affected by her circumstances and her humanity.

Would you say this is your most important role to date?
Dia Mirza: This part is a once in a lifetime experience.It most certainly is the most important part I have played. One, because it is a part inspired by a real person and her real experiences and two because any human being trapped in human conflict inspires a deeply internalized experience.

The series addresses the very relevant issue of Indo-Pak relations what is your take on this? Should Pakistani artistes remain banned in India?
Dia Mirza: The idea of them and us, the idea of divisions, boundaries must never exist for art forms... art has always been an agent of change and unity. When we allow our prejudices to disallow the freedom of art we are only allowing fear to manifest. And fear weakens our spirit.

What attracted you to the material in Kaafir?
Dia Mirza: The humanity, the gravitas, nobility, love and beauty of this story. Bhavani Iyer is a remarkable writer and she infuses her characters with a realism that is sublime and compelling.But most importantly because this story needed to be told.

Do you think the internet would provide this intense series the focused audience it deserves?
Dia Mirza: Absolutely! The freedom, the opportunity and the possibility OTT provides storytelling is very exciting. And audiences sprawling over 147 countries makes it and even more perfect platform for a narrative such as Kaafir

What are your future plans for the webseries platform?
Dia Mirza: As a producer, my company has just made and released a sitcom for another leading global platform. We will continue to make many shows across various genres  for varied platforms. As an actor the next show I start is a massively ambitious historical being directed by Nikhil Advani for Hot Star Originals.

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