Details of John Abraham's Secret Wedding

Details of John Abraham's Secret Wedding

We tell you all that happened in LA

THE WORLD WAS STUNNED when John Abraham tweeted his New Year greeting:

“Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed 2014! May this year bring you love, good fortune and joy. Love, John and Priya Abraham.”Ummm… come again? While rumours of the couple tying the knot have been doing the rounds for a while now, we along with the rest of the world weren’t prepared for this casual time bomb of a message. Married? When? How? Why? Johnnie boy has been hinting at the inevitability of their next step for a while now. As recently as August 2013, he had announced in a leading publication that he is “…extremely impulsive and will get married also on an impulse. My marriage to Priya will not be a planned decision and will happen overnight.” Well, talk about not mincing your words, Mr Abraham!

Mrs Abraham, AKA Priya is clearly more than just the love of John’s life (poor Bips). When asked about her, the smitten hottie recently said, “Priya is just a regular, super girl. She brings a lot of maturity to the relationship and is very supportive. The good thing is that anyone in her place would love to be photographed, but there’s a sense of dignity and class that this girl has. It’s an attractive quality and we make a great team.” It’s no wonder then that three years later John has not only revived his career but has also found stability and love with a woman as far from Bollywood as he could get.

The wedding from what we hear is exactly the kind of celebration people as private as John and Priya would want. The registration was followed by a small celebration at a plush estate in west LA with the bride’s family and friends in attendance. As far from Mumbai as he could possibly get, John certainly wed the woman of his dreams. The newly-married John Abraham attended an NGO event along with his parents on Saturday (4 January). At the function, when he was asked about his marriage, John stated that he would hold a press conference to speak about his wedding. Priya, who is in the US, is slated to arrive in Mumbai in February. It looks like the honeymoon will have to wait. At the event, he was surprisingly not wearing a wedding ring on his ring finger.

John’s father admitted that he wasn’t surprised by his son’s decision to wed his girlfriend of three years at a Los Angeles courthouse. He revealed, “Whenever Priya was in Mumbai she would always drop by to see us. She is an intelligent girl and a good match for John. It was a court marriage registered with the local registrar in Los Angeles. We don’t believe in any particular religion, ours is an extremely secular family which is why John and Priya decided to go for a court marriage. Traditional rituals only cause a lot of confusion”

Filmmaker and a good friend of John Abraham, Shoojit Sircar says, “Both Priya and he are very private people and didn’t want to make a big hullabaloo about their marriage. During the filming of Madras Cafe I understood his dilemma.”

“He’d often wonder aloud how he should go about it. This had been on the cards for a long time. But knowing him as well as I do, I was sure that when it happened this was exactly how it would be.” Well, here’s wishing Mr and Mrs Abraham all the happiness in the world.


Journalist: Where are you heading for the New Year?

John: I am going to LA to bring in the New Year with Priya.Beyond that i won't say anything right now(However,susequent questions about this lady love and marriage plans were brushed away tersely.)

Journalist: Any special plans?

John: None!

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