Dessert of The Day: Gluten Free Carrot Cake

Dessert of The Day: Gluten Free Carrot Cake

We snuck this recipe out from the sweet kitchens of Flow at Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Note: Recipe makes 1 x 24cm Two Tier Cake

Ingredients for cake:

200g Fresh Organic Egg

200g Palm Sugar

200g Coconut Sugar

10g Baking Soda

10g Baking Powder

5g Salt

10g Cinnamon Powder

120g Corn Starch

120g Almond Powder

375g Corn Oil

5g Vanilla Essence

330g Carrot

Method for cake:

·         Whisk the fresh Eggs along with both the sugars until light and fluffy.

·         Combine the Baking soda, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, corn starch and then sieve.

·         Add the ground almond to the dry ingredients.

·         Slowly add all the dry ingredients into the eggs and sugar mixture.

·         Mix slowly, and be careful not to over beat.

·         Add the oil, Vanilla and lastly the carrot.

·         Split the mixture evenly between two greased 24cm cake tins and cook at 160c for 45 minutes. To check insert a skewer and ensure it comes out clean.

·         Leave to cool.

Ingredients for cream cheese frosting:

900g low fat Cream Cheese

600g Icing Sugar

300g Butter

Method for frosting:

·         Sieve the icing sugar.

·         Place the cream cheese in a bowl and beat until smooth.

·         Add the sieved icing sugar to the cheese, and beat until combined.

·         Melt the butter fully and gently add to the mix, beat until everything is fully incorporated and smooth.

Assembly of cake:

·         Take one tin of the baked carrot cake and turn it out onto a serving plate (run a knife around the edge if needed).

·         Scale 400g of cream cheese frosting and spread in the middle.

·         Sandwich the second cake on top and press firmly to ensure it is stuck properly.

·         Spread the remaining cream cheese around the sides of the cake and on the top.

·         Garnish with chopped pistachio nuts.

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