Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra Shines as an FBI Agent in Quantico
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Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra Shines as an FBI Agent in Quantico

Here's why Priyanka Chopra is truly an international star

The pilot episode of Quantico, Run, which attracted considerable global attention, opened to mixed reviews, but our Pee Cee's performance was unamimously recognized and applauded by critics. Quantico, which will air in India on October 3 on Star World stars Priyanka Chopra, as the first Indian to headline an American series. 
As per an article in, last year, when ABC President, Paul Lee, approached Priyanka Chopra for the lead role in the network's FBI drama, Quantico, which went on air in the US on Sunday, the actress hopped on board, after she bargained for an "ethnically ambiguous" role with the character Alex Parrish. And when she got the all-American cast and crew to dance to "Bang Bang" on Good Morning America, Lee was assured he'd bet on the best horse. "Priyanka's a star and we think the entire world will be talking about her," Paul told Mumbai Mirror from the red carpet premiere of the TV show in Los Angeles, on Sunday evening. 
Representing Bollywood at the bash, were Preity Zinta and Anil Kapoor. Priyanka introduced Kapoor as "an actor who has paved the way for Indian actors in Hollywood" and Preity was google-eyed after she was referred to as "another sizzling beauty from India."! 
British songwriter-composer, Jay Sean, exults, "So proud of my home girl, for her lead role. Massive breakthrough for South Asians." Even Bryan Adams quipped, "Hoot hoot, time to make some music together." 
While Variety praised PeeCee for being an "arresting lead", People Magazine praised Priyanka for her, "poise and sexual spark as Alex that suggests a formidable potential FBI agent whose mind and beauty are equally stunning". 
However, it was Priyanka's 3am buddy, filmmaker Srishti Arya, who insisted that the Indian audience has yet to weigh the effect of her best friend's debut. "The show is airing in the primetime slot across 180 countries. Priyanka could have easily stayed in her Bollywood cocoon given that she's one of the top stars here, but she took a risk and put herself out there like a debutante, leaving herself open to criticism and judgement," Srishti reasoned, adding that starting over in a new industry has been her favourite part of this journey. 
Srishti caught an episode of the show which Priyanka had shared with close friends via a private link from Montreal, and reveals that Priyanka's a young girl, who loves burgers and her taste in music is similar to that of Srishti's 10-year-old son." 
"You'll never see her carrying her global stardom on her sleeve. She'll be back to doing a Hindi film soon and will live her life the way she always has, with a lot of hardwork and commitment" asserted Pee Cee's best friend. 
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