Demi Moore Reveals Ashton Kutcher Cheated On Her!

Demi Moore Reveals Ashton Kutcher Cheated On Her!

Demi Moore opened up on her marriage with Ashton Kutcher stating that he cheated on her after she lost their child in miscarriage

Hollywood star Demi Moore is one of the most loved actresses in the industry. She started off her career in 1981 and since then, has been a part of numerous films and TV shows. But more than her professional life, her personal life has always been under the public eye. In a tell-all interview with The New York Times, the star has opened up new secrets from the past and shared a few stories that have been elaborated in her upcoming memoir called Inside Out. She revealed details about her life as a teen and her marriages to singer Freddie Moore and actors, Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher.

While speaking of her marriage to Ashton which ended in 2013, Demi shared that she suffered a miscarriage and lost their child - a daughter - six months into pregnancy. Blaming herself for the loss of her child, she started drinking again - after getting sober - and also got involved with substance abuse. Demi and Ashton even sought fertility treatment to have another child but things didn't seem to work out. Later, she also found out that Ashton had been cheating on her, with two women, which worsened her drinking habits. The two eventually got divorced in 2013.

Ashton, who has now read Demi's interview is not upset at his ex-wife for revealing details about their troubled marriage. An insider close to the actor stated, "Ashton knew what was coming. He had a heads up on what is in the book. He’s not mad or disappointed. This is Demi’s truth and he always felt sympathetic toward her. He knows her story and that her upbringing was difficult. " On the work front, Demi is working on her new TV series Brave New World which will commence next year. However, her memoir, Inside Out will be released on September 24 this year.

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