Deewar E Shab: The Finale Wraps Up All Loose Ends – A Little Too Neatly
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Deewar E Shab: The Finale Wraps Up All Loose Ends – A Little Too Neatly

This family saga comes to an end after a long run – and while it’s a happy ending, it leaves viewers feeling the story has been rushed towards a logical conclusion

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Deewar E Shab had a solid 40 episode run, spanning generations and telling tales that managed to make an impact while still keeping the overall “feel” of the show light-hearted.  It’s the bad luck of the producers and director that “Deewar E Shab” ended up competing with “Meray Pass Tum Ho” and “Alif” and got left behind in the ratings, otherwise the show is a solid entertainer from beginning to end.  However, with the number of characters and tracks on this show, it could have easily been another 5-10 episodes long without dragging or being a nuisance for viewers.

While there isn’t anything to complain about particularly with this story and how it has come to a close, the way it has been presented comes across as haphazard.  At the end of episode 39, Joya (Kinza Hashmi) attempts suicide, which pushes Maaz (Osama Tahir) by her bedside and forces Shaista (Saima Qureshi) to repent for her behavior on Islam’s (Kamran Jillani) encouragement.  Izhar (Saleem Mairaj) and Shakra (Shaheen Khan) also give in after witnessing their daughter’s grief.  Gul (Amna Wajahat) is given a divorce and Salman (Faiq Khan) is also given papers for “khulla” from Zubia (Ayesha Toor).  Just like that, Izhar’s repents for his misdeeds after his children are punished.  It was just that easy?  The “wrap up” of this storyline was simply too convenient.

On the other end, Khayyam (Shehroze Sabzwari) meets Yousef (Raja Haider) in a way that’s without any dramatics or even presented interestingly.  The two are seen strolling in the garden as Yousef explains how “majboor” he was.  Khayyam has suddenly realized how much he appreciates Sitara Begum (Bushra Ansari) and the family that raised him – again, random, because two episodes ago, he was vowing revenge on Gaiti (Sara Khan).  Happy times begin for Khayyam as he reunites with his father (with an unbelievable sort of ease) and then apologizes to Sitara Begum and Nagena and brings them back with him.  He even reconciles with Salar (Shahzad Sheikh) and apologizes to Gaiti.  All of this happens within 15 minutes, making it fairly hard to digest.  With all of Khayyam’s insults and titles of “Bai” towards the ladies of his home, his forgiveness came off as undeserving.

Of course Dildar Begum (Asma Abbas) and Gul Naaz (Zainab Qayyum) are left in the mess of their own doing when Almas (Sarah Elahi) runs away with a (very) random lover.  Where this man came from is unknown and very sudden considering she was chasing Nabeel up until the last episode.  Speaking of which, Nabeel (Hammad Shoaib) is dead, because Zartaj Begum killed him.  That part arrives as practically a footnote in the episode, as if it isn’t a big event, and isn’t mentioned again.

The end basically sends off the message of “you reap what you sow,” showing that after all these years, Dildar Begum was finally on the receiving end of the very fate she had wished for her own sister.  After all her crimes with Feroza and the heartache and betrayal that ensued, she had to pay for it by being left empty-handed and abandoned by Sitara Begum.  Overall, the show can be called an entertainer.  It entertained and it told stories that covered different aspects of society.  While initially the shock of Zara Noor Abbas and Mohsin Haider’s short roles left a sour taste in the mouth, the show ended up building into one that did not disappoint over the span of 40 episodes, which is a rare feat.  If there was a Khayyam on one end, there was the hilariously selfish Salman on the other.  Where there was a Gaiti, there was a conniving Gul on the other side.  The show kept its characters (and the mood) balanced without overly heavy sequences despite the situations.  “Deewar E Shab” was a fun show and is yet another one that will be missed.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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