Deewar E Shab, Episode 8: Steady, But Slowly Beginning To Drag
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Deewar E Shab, Episode 8: Steady, But Slowly Beginning To Drag

Bushra Ansari’s Deewar E Shab slowly gathers steam towards what viewers hope to be a promising story.

Deewar E Shab” promised to be an entertainer with Zara Noor Abbas as Feroza headlining the show and boasting of big names like Mohsin Abbas Haider (current situation aside) as Faiz Ali, Bushra Ansari and Asma Abbas. The big selling point of the show was that of bringing Bushra Ansari, Asma Abbas and Zara Noor together for the first time on screen – however, this pull now seems deceptive in light of the fact that Zara Noor Abbas is now being given a “special appearance” credit, after the audience has realized that her role was a short-term one and has ended. After Feroza and Faiz Ali’s exit from the show, it has been difficult to maintain viewer interest despite what seems to be an interesting upcoming story. The last few episodes have been slow-paced and repetitive.

Izhaar’s (Saleem Mairaj) family visits Zubia’s home to set up Salman (Faiq Khan) and Zubia’s engagement. There, they are greeted by an arrogant and authoritative Zubia, no nonsense and stubborn. Salman dismisses it as confidence and declares that people with money behave like this. Zubia appears to be the wake-up call that Shakra (Shaheen Khan) and Izhaar deserve and will possibly bring them down to earth in future episodes. Shaista (Saima Qureshi) mourns for her daughter’s misery, but recognizes that Salman was not a good match for Rabia. Joya (Kinza Hashmi) and Maaz (Osama Tahir) worry about the future of their marriage and Maaz appears to give up on the relationship after hearing Izhaar’s words about Maaz and his financial status.

In a mildly irritating scene, Nagena (Nausheen Shah) is seen dancing terribly and being scolded for it. Now look, not everyone can be a great dancer – but if Nagena has been working with the “mehnat” that is constantly conveyed to viewers, there’s actually no reason for her to continue being so terrible that her feet are swollen and she’s constantly yelled at.

Khayyam (Shehroz Sabzwari) and Gaiti (Sarah Khan) continue their love affair and the family takes notice. Sitara Jahan (Bushra Ansari) and Nagena discuss the engagement of the two and make plans to seal the deal in the days to come. Meanwhile, Khayyam and his disdain for his environment reaches new levels as he begins to drag Gaiti out of gatherings he deems inappropriate, acting upon his hold on her in a dominating way. This relationship can be viewed as toxic from the get-go and audiences are almost rooting for the two to break up, so Gaiti can find a better life partner.

Almas (Sarah Elahi) is the antagonist of the “new generation” and what an antagonist. Such characters serve no purpose but to cause unrealistic chaos and deception. Do women like Almas exist; Women that fall for men who hate everything about them and openly reject them, yet take an “oath” to acquire this man and break off his current relationship? If so, this is a level of scheming and low self esteem hidden under a guise of arrogance that is common on-screen, but has rarely been seen in real life.

As of now, Deewar E Shab continues to pull in viewers, but the storyline will have to pick up soon in order to maintain interest. With Shehzad Sheikh’s character not yet introduced, one hopes that his entrance will make the show more exciting.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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