Deewar E Shab, Episode 4: An Unusual, But Endearing Romance

Deewar E Shab, Episode 4: An Unusual, But Endearing Romance

In Deewar E Shab, episode 4 focuses entirely on the heartwarming romance between Faiz Ali and Nagina
 Deewar E Shab, Episode 4:  An Unusual, But Endearing Romance

Deewar E Shab has been gathering steam slowly through the previous three episodes.  A period piece seemingly set in the 1980s, Deewar E Shab tells the story of artisans, women who are looked upon as courtesans – however, they do not engage in activities other than singing and dancing, earning based on their art, not their bodies.  In the earlier episodes, the “headliner” of the family business, Feroza (Zara Noor Abbas), ran away with her lover as plotted by Dildar Begum (Asma Abbas).  After her disappearance, Sitara Jahan (Bushra Ansari) falls ill and Nagina (Nausheen Shah) takes it upon herself to work in order to run the household.  Not well trained in matters of singing and dancing, Nagina decides to take up work with a film studio, working as an extra in films.  However, before Nagina is given permission to head out into the work force, Sitara Jahan has a condition – Nagina must marry Faiz Ali (Mohsin Abbas Haider) first, a man taken in by Sitara Jahan, a man Nagina has little respect for.

In episode 4, Nagina’s wedding to Faiz Ali takes place, much to the dismay of Dildar Begum and her daughter, who do their best to encourage Nagina to break off the marriage.  Understanding their intentions, Nagina ignores their advice and follows through with the marriage in order to uphold her mother’s wishes.  Faiz Ali is flustered by the alliance, believing Nagina to be out of his league. 

Nagina begins working immediately after the wedding, but to her surprise, Faiz Ali begins accompanying her to work.  He drops her off, picks her up and caters to her needs, something Nagina did not expect or imagine.  Through a montage accompanied by Sahir Ali Bagga’s “Kya Hai Ishq,” viewers are taken on a journey through Faiz Ali and Nagina’s love story after marriage. 

Mohsin Abbas Haider is such an actor that he steals the show in any scene he is featured in.  Deewar E Shab is no less.  In an episode that focused solely on Faiz Ali and Nagina, Mohsin wins hearts in his role as a humble, supportive and loving husband.  Speaking volumes with his eyes, the romance is brought to life, touching the hearts of the audience.  This only makes Faiz Ali’s outcome all the more upsetting. 

Nagina gives birth to twin girls and the proud parents examine their children, selecting their names and discussing their future.  Sitara Jahan throws a party to celebrate the birth of her grandchildren, during which Faiz Ali tells Nagina that she no longer has to work and he will take care of her and their two children.  They share a loving moment before Nagina joins the party and Faiz Ali sets off to pick up mithai (sweets) for the event.  On his way back, he is struck by a car and is killed on the spot. 

This episode spent its time building up Faiz Ali and Nagina’s relationship, drawing the audience in to their love story, establishing their relationship, their mutual respect for each other and their love for their children.  This makes the end of the episode particularly emotional to then see Faiz Ali’s death and know that Nagina will have to raise her two daughters alone.  In a comment made by Dildar Begum, it’s revealed that Nagina’s daughters resemble Feroza and Nagina, setting a future storyline in motion.  Will history repeat itself?  One thing is for sure – Deewar E Shab seems to have many tales to tell, each episode with a different focus from the other.  With an interesting concept, it remains to be seen where the story is headed from this point onwards.