Deewar E Shab, Episode 3: Interesting Concept, Slow Pace

Deewar E Shab, Episode 3: Interesting Concept, Slow Pace

Deewar e Shab, Zara Noor Abbas starrer has fallen prey to pacing and editing issues early on. Will the show pick up in forthcoming episodes?
Deewar E Shab, Episode 3:  Interesting Concept, Slow Pace

Deewar E Shab, a period show set in the 80s, began with much interest. Viewers love period shows – the throwback settings, the retro costumes, the promise of taking one back into a different time period, coloring an entire journey with shades of stories passed through generations. When watching shows that take place in the past, the viewer wants to be transported into a world they’ve only heard of – and yes, while the 80s isn’t so long ago that the audience cannot remember it, it is a throwback to a very different time. This time period throws back to a time without cell phones, a time without home computers and a time when life was lived on a simpler scale.  Generally speaking, Deewar E Shab falls into the “automatic hit” category based on setting alone.  However, only 3 episodes old, Deewar E Shab has already begun to falter due to one thing: Captivating the audience.

Episode 3 of Deewar E Shab picks up where episode 2 left off.  Sitara Jahaan (Bushra Ansari) continues to mourn Feroza’s (Zara Noor Abbas) betrayal, hurt that her pride and joy has absconded with her respect – and the investment Sitara Jahaan had placed in her to carry the family legacy forward.  Dildar Begum and her daughter Gul Naaz (Zainab Qayyum) rejoice in their plan’s success.  Dildar Begum confesses to Gul Naaz that the love Feroza and her lover share is not as strong as one would imagine, but after what Feroza has put her family through, she won’t dare come back.  While Sitaara Jahaan’s business has flatlined, Dildar Begum’s has flourished in Feroza’s absence. 

Nagena (Nausheen Shah) takes it upon herself to care for matters of the household and her mother, attempting to fill large shoes, as Feroza’s talent is renowned.  Faiz Ali (Mohsin Abbas Haider) assists Nagena in any way he can, though her attitude towards him is unpredictable.  Ustaad (Syed Mohammad Ahmed) and Shama (Tara Mehmood) witness Nagena’s hard work and hope for her success.  Unfortunately, Dildar Begum (Asma Abbas) fills Sitaara Begum’s ears with stories of Nagena’s failure, telling Sitaara Begum that Nagena will ruin her family name and all the respect she has commanded over the years.  Upon hearing this, Sitaara Jahan has a talk with Nagena and tells her that this world isn’t for her, as she always neglected it and did not learn the art.  Nagena is heartbroken, but when the bills begin to pile up and they are unable to pay them, Nagena approaches a film studio and takes up a job as an extra.  As Sitaara Begum has been let down by Feroza, she agrees to Nagena’s job on one condition – she must marry Faiz Ali first. 

This is the point at which the episode comes to an end. In the preview for next week, viewers will see Dildar Begum and Gul Naaz with more tricks up their sleeves, convincing Nagena to run away from her marriage. Will Nagena shame her mother further?  Will Dildar Begum succeed in her wicked efforts?  Viewers will have to wait to find out, but the Faiz Ali and Nagena union will be an interesting move forward for the story.  Zara Noor Abbas’ Feroza is entirely missing in action in episode 3, which does work in the show’s favor, as the audience is left wondering what happened to her after she ran away and what will become of her character?  While episode 3 could be described as slow and mildly dull, episode 4 promises movement in the story.