Deewar E Shab, Episode 13: Salar Falls for Gaiti
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Deewar E Shab, Episode 13: Salar Falls for Gaiti

In Hum TV’s Deewar E Shab,” Shehzad Sheikh’s Salar makes his permanent entry and begins his love story with Gaiti

Episode 13 begins on a strange note with Sitara Begum (Bushra Ansari) and Nagena (Nausheen Shah) happily watching Sandal (Hira Soomro) practicing her dance. Sandal is supposed to be this educated girl and the family just found out she has been flunking out of school in the last episode – and yet here everyone is happily watching her, cheering her on and hoping for her success In this field.  The scenario comes across as disjointed. 

Salar (Shehzad Sheikh) comes to the mauhalla (Heera Mandi) to shoot a movie when he spots Gaiti (Sarah Khan) on the balcony.  Immediately smitten by her, he begins to pursue her by getting entry into their home. Inviting himself for tea daily while chatting with Sitara Begum, he lays the foundation to see Gaiti regularly.  These scenes are the highlight of the episode – the chemistry between Shehzad Sheikh and Sarah Khan is crackling despite the fact that they don’t even share a word in this episode.  This will be a love story to look out for.

Khayyam (Shehroze Sabzwari) continues living in the city.  He is examining his gold and placing it for safe keeping when he realizes that he has Gaiti’s chooriyan as well – her prized possession.  He immediately feels guilty, wondering what she must be thinking of him.  Salar is out and when he picks up his key and arrives back home, he discovers, to his horror, that he has been robbed and all the jewelry is missing.

The antics with Izhar and Islam’s family continues as Salman (Faiq Khan) explores his new house with Zubia (Ayesha Toor) excitedly, a gift from her father.  He boasts about it to his family and they all seem to believe they will be moving into this house as well after Salman and Zubia’s wedding, a thought only Joya (Kinza Hashmi) is aware of being an unrealistic dream.  Maaz (Osama Tahir) and Joya meet, discussing their inability to be together.  Maaz finds himself in trouble when he tries to interfere in a child trafficking scandal.  He is badly hurt and Islam (Kamran Jillani) advises him.  The Islam and Izhaar story arc has yet to be weaved in fully with the rest of the story, still seeming out of place, though viewers now understand the connection with Zubia and Khayyam’s “sibling” relationship.

Quite honestly, after the exit of the previous generation in the form of Zara Noor Abbas as Feroza and Mohsin Abbas Haider as Faiz Ali, the show somehow lost its shine.  While the audience has continued to stick around, it has become difficult to run an entire episode focused on a stern, arrogant, agitated Khayyam who seemed least interested in the world around him.  Even his interest in Gaiti came off as possessive, controlling and, in a way, fake, because how could he love her if he could not accept her background and family?  However, Salar’s re-entry has immediately made Deewar E Shab exciting once again.  While Salar has been seen on and off in scenes here and there, he has not had screen time longer than 5 minutes per episode until now.  His upcoming romance with Gaiti already has the old-world charm and magic to it that drama fans enjoy watching.  The previews for the upcoming episode make it more exciting with Salar appointed as Gaiti’s poetry teacher.  The playful looks between the two already promise a fun flirtation ahead!

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