Deewar E Shab, Episode 12: Khayyam Meets His Father
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Deewar E Shab, Episode 12: Khayyam Meets His Father

In Hum TV’s “Deewar E Shab,” Khayyam and Yusuf finally come face to face, both unaware of their connection.

Deewar E Shab” has been over-the-top lately with Dildar Begum (Asma Abbas) and her family’s antics taking up a lot of screen time, now in the form of Almas (Sarah Elahi), the new generation of troublemaker. Fortunately, that family is only given one scene in this episode and the episode takes a more logical, interesting tone. Focusing on Khayyam’s life in the city and the new relationships he forms, along with Gaiti’s acceptance of Khayyam’s betrayal, episode 12 depicts the logical aspect of loss and repenting for bad behavior.

After Khayyam’s disappearance, Gaiti (Sara Khan) continues to mourn, waiting for his return. This wait is encouraged further when she realizes that Khayyam has left all his degrees and certificates behind. Sure that he will return for them, Gaiti and Sitara happily await his return before Nagena chides them for their foolish behavior. Already grieving over Khayyam’s betrayal, Nagena (Nausheen Shah) is further disheartened when Sandal (Hira Soomroo) informs the family that she will not be going back to school – and that she had failed her previous year.

Salman (Faiq Khan) tries to convince his family to give in to Zubia’s (Ayesha Toor) demands, while Izhaar (Saleem Mairaj) complains about the amount of money already spent on the wedding. Joya (Kinza Hashmi) inwardly enjoys the distress her family is in due to their own materialistic nature. On the other end, Zubia’s parents worry about her marriage to Salman, concerned about her in-laws, but also Zubia’s behavior. Her father is revealed to be Yusuf, Feroza’s husband and Khayyam’s father.

Khayyam (Shehroze Sabzwari), now in the city, begins telling people he’s an orphan, though others are quick to pick up on his attitude and arrogance and inform him that orphans do not behave like this. He is working a menial job when saves Yusuf (Raja Haider) from an oncoming car. Yusuf is grateful and thanks Khayyam before leaving, but drops an envelope full of money and important papers. Khayyam finds them and decides to take the envelope to Yusuf’s office the next day. This behavior of Khayyam’s is actually very un-Khayyam-like. A man who has the audacity to steal all the jewelry from his grandmother/aunt/fiancée and then run away from home suddenly is so honest that he returns the envelope of a man he doesn’t know? This part felt unbelievable. When Khayyam returns the money, Yusuf is ecstatic, but he’s also just happy to see Khayyam as he credits him with saving his life. Feeling a connection to Khayyam, Yusuf overlooks Khayyam’s biting, rude replies, recalling a time when he told Feroza (Zara Noor Abbas) that he would like their son to be outspoken.

The highlight of this episode is Khayyam’s meeting with Yusuf, who is his father. It’s also interesting to finally see how the stories of Sitara Jahan’s and Islam’s families are connected, something which has been uncertain until now. Technically, Khayyam is now the thorn in Salman’s side, as Khayyam will receive the inheritance from Yusuf, leaving Zubia/Salman with either nothing or a smaller amount than expected. The show will also take an interesting turn once Salar and Gaiti’s love story begins. Deewar E Shab has taken its time gathering steam, especially after the deaths of Feroza and Faiz Ali (Mohsin Abbas Haider). However, it seems as though things will be speeding ahead from this point onwards with many storylines set to unfold for viewers.