Deepika Padukone’s Top 10 Hairstyles
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Deepika Padukone’s Top 10 Hairstyles

Deepika Padukone is a fashion icon and she has always rocked different hairstyles. Here are our favorites

It is not easy picking up one Bollywood celebrity when it comes to style and beauty inspirations. But it is only fair to talk about Deepika Padukone when we talk about a goddess who has it all. Yeah, no mortal can come close to this sculpted work of art we know as Deepika Padukone. They say perfection does not exist. We, somehow, go in disbelief when we look at Deepika Padukone.

The 33-year-old South Indian beauty who started her film career starring opposite Shah Rukh Khan has only soared higher since then. Although Om Shanti Om was her first film everyone was in awe of this dreamy-eyed dimpled beauty. She was a top model even before she started working in films.
What sets Deepika apart from her contemporaries is her constant urge to evolve and improve herself. She was always a charmer and her beauty stunned many. However, the Deepika we know today is much different from the one we met through the eyes of Om Shanti Om.

Today’s Deepika Padukone is not just an actress but a role model for all young girls. She proved now and then that beauty is not just about hair and makeup. Being mentally and physically healthy is more important. No amount of makeup can help if you do not have healthy skin and strong hair. Her health and fitness make her rock every single look she carries.
They say hair are the crown of your face. If we talk about our slay queen, she is hair goals. Deepika Padukone knows a perfect balance. Although we have not seen her in short hair, she doesn’t shy away from experimenting with various hairstyles in those luscious long locks. Her sharp jawline and sculpted neck aid well in slaying every experiment.

Here are some of our top ten favorite hairstyles that Deepika has sported in recent times.

1. The thick voluminous look we all yearn for

2. Hair tied back in a loose and romantic low bun

3. High messy bun

4. Hair tied back, left loose at the back accentuating her royal vibes

5. Straight and sleek hair left open.

6. Hair tied back in a tight bun

7. Hair gelled back with soft romantic yet controlled curls

8. Just soft waves

9. Frida Kahlo reincarnated

10. A traditional braid fit for a queen

We guess just one blog is not enough to do justice to the topic. There should be scores and scores of odes to our dreamy queen of hearts Miss Padukone. There is surely a lot more to come up in the future.

Stay tuned!

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By Saadia Ahmed
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