Deepika Padukone To Rein In Husband Ranveer Singh’s Flamboyant Fashion Sense?
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Deepika Padukone To Rein In Husband Ranveer Singh’s Flamboyant Fashion Sense?

Ranveer Singh’s bizarre and headline-worthy fashion sense may not last long if wife Deepika Padukone has her way! It looks like Deepika has now been giving input into her husband's fashion choices

If there is one thing fans love more than Ranveer Singh’s acting abilities, it is his fashion sense. Ranveer makes as much news for his fantastic films and his incredible acting chops as he does for his outlandish dressing and sometimes he appears to have influenced Deepika Padukone as well.

However, Bollywood’s resident fashion-forward icon, Ranveer may not find it so easy any more to project his exuberant fashion sense on the world outside. A close friend of the actor informs that Deepika Padukone, though all for complete freedom in her marriage, has taken charge, albeit subtly, of her flamboyant husband’s super-flamboyant fashion sense. “It’s not as though Deepika will tell Ranveer what to wear and what not to wear. But like all of us, she does feel that Ranveer goes overboard with his dress code. A spot of sobriety is what she is angling for in her husband’s wardrobe,” says a friend of the couple.

Let’s hope Ranveer’s exuberant personality is tempered and toned down without any loss of his intrinsic fire. His current combination of Elton John’s bizarre clothing and Freddy Mercury’s unstopped adrenaline rush seems hard to curb. Is Deepika up to the task?

But strangely, in the last few weeks, Deepika herself has been in the news for some of her outfits that raised eyebrows as she did during a recent award ceremony. So who is influencing who in the Padukone-Singh household?

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